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Since the previous MLD post reviewing An Education was based on clips and trailers, I decided to write up something after having actually watched it.  Since I am the “token girl” here though, my attitude towards the film might not represent the entire group’s.  But then, what on this site does?

I’m still watching it, so I’ll take you through bit by bit for what stuck out to me.  I wasn’t really into the idea of this movie at first.  I typically don’t like period pieces.  But the more current the period, the easier to deal with.  I’m not even sure why this came in our Netflix.  Supposedly neither of us put it in the queue, nonetheless it’s here and it is playing.

From the start, I liked it. It presents the glamour of Sixties London exactly how I want it to be.  Carey Mulligan amazes me.  After seeing the adorable girl with the blonde pixie cut on Jimmy Fallon and Conan when this movie was being promoted, seeing her as a mousey school girl was odd.  Helen’s (Rosamund Pike) makeover of Jenny from plain jane to Audrey Hepburn look alike was a bit cliche, but as they carry it through the movie, it is less bothersome.  I also liked the appearance of Olivia Williams (Adelle from Dollhouse) as the teacher.

Next thing that came up for me while watching this was needing to understand the difference between supper and dinner.  Once I explored it a bit more, apparently I needed to know the difference between tea, supper, and dinner.  I liked that I learned a bit of something for the day and after reading up on the topic, I want to start eating supper more often.  It’s at the right time of day, and I want to be classy 😉

I don’t like including spoilers in what I write up, so I don’t want to go into too much detail.  There were things that confused me about the progression of the relationship.  Going away for the weekend and sharing a bed before a first kiss.  Odd.  Scheduling the date you would lose your virginity.  Super Odd.  Parents encouraging you to get married and forgo Oxford University.  Really?!  There is one more thing that I found super weird, but it would include a bit of a spoiler, so I can’t.

Other than those few things that stuck out to me, I really liked it.  I finally understood the title in the last 10 minutes of the movie.  There were no bad performances in the movie, and I love British accents, so that didn’t hurt anything.  It is definitely a chick-flick.  But it is an entirely different type of chick-flick.  It is not Clueless.  But the fashion and soundtrack don’t hurt it in any way whatsoever.  Just like Clueless  🙂  Oh!  And I learned that they said “snap” then the same way we say it now.  Which was fun!

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  • kamila harris said,

    i want to see this. i also saw carey mulligan on conan or fallon and thought she was just so cute like a little human tinkerbell.. haha

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