REVIEW: Doctor Who – Cold Blood

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This was another solid episode for the season. This two-parter was primarily a horror story, and managed to show some of the best and worst aspects of human nature. Spoilers to follow.

The tone of the story dramatically shifts in part two as the mystery of the Silurians is revealed and the internal conflict of their society takes center stage. As the mammals and reptiles come together, the two species trying to resolve how they will share the planet brings up some interesting issues, but comes off a little silly in its presentation. This is quickly erased as the action picks up and the reptilian military makes their move.

While I don’t know that we’ll be seeing the Silurians again anytime soon, the end of the episode makes huge strides in the running plot line of this season. Again, we see the crack from Amy’s wall, but this time we really get to see it in action. In an absolutely heartbreaking moment, Rory throws himself into harm’s way to save The Doctor, and is ultimately absorbed into the crack. As we learned with the Weeping Angels, anything that falls into the crack ceases to exist as though it never had. So, Rory is gone and since he’s a direct part of Amy’s timeline, she’ll forget him.

It will be interesting to see where things go from here. Rory’s death may be the catalyst that leads to the explosion or the Pandorica (whatever that is) opening. Amy mentioned her “boys” after she had forgotten him, so there’s some level on which she remembers. Could his involvement in their adventures and subsequent erasure from time create a paradox? Before escaping, The Doctor manages to pull some “shrapnel” from the gap in space and time and finds that it’s a piece of his TARDIS door. Whatever happens in this explosion at the end of the universe, he’s directly involved and things aren’t looking good.

I’d say this two-part story was somewhere between a 3 and a 4 on the distraction scale. The voiceover in part two really bothered me for some reason. I enjoyed the episode, but The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone story is far, far superior. The loss of a major character is huge here, but it’s set against a slightly weaker backdrop than other episodes.

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