Philadelphia Comic Con: A Very Brady Post

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I wasn’t going to post my “celebrity review” from the Philadelphia Comic Con by Wizard until later in the week.  I had a few more things I wanted to write up first, but then KevinMLD tried to steal my thunder and post about this very topic.  Jerk 😉

There weren’t many names on the list of celebrities scheduled to appear that I had ever heard before, let alone was interested in.  Having watched both America’s Next Top Model AND My Fair Brady, it seemed appropriate that the celebrity interview I requested was Adrianne Curry. We did not end up not having a formal interview, and I am ok with that.  Just a quick chat was enough.

I wanted to make fun of the two of them.  I really did.  I wanted to ask her why she was even there.  But since she is a Star Wars fan, and has posed in Playboy twice, I guess it makes sense.  Everyone has bills to pay right?  It was a little creepy witnessing a father take a picture of his 15 year old son with her.  I quickly turned to Pete and told him he was not to introduce our future children to Playboy models under any circumstances.

On Saturday, I was a little intimidated.  Adrianne was dressed in a costume of her own creation, an “Imperial Storm Slut”.  She was surrounded by the geeks of these shows that I have no desire to go near.  So I simply snapped a shot of her signing something for someone.

We did talk to Chris a little later in the afternoon.  Adrianne was still surrounded, but Chris was not only nice enough to explain her costume and talk to us for a bit, he even did a celebrity promo for us!

All he wanted to make sure of was that it wasn’t a porn site.  Respectable 😉  I was far more impressed that he actually read the card and asked to keep it.  We asked quite a few people to hold the card for us, Christopher Knight was my personal favorite.  He was entertained by my “token female” title and interacted with us quite a bit.  It was clear he had had the same conversations over and over again, but was trying to change it up a bit.

Sunday the convention was dead.  It was really just a last chance to see anything we had missed.  The floor was empty and people were packing up quite early.  This was our chance to talk to Adrianne!  It helped that she was dressed in a Clockwork Orange costume.  We got a few shots of her and had a quick conversation.  I complimented her lashes, she thanked me for appreciating them because they were itching like crazy.  Despite some of the costumes that were at the show, I may have been the only person there that would appreciate her makeup.  I was more excited about the photos when I snapped two and she started to talk after the first click.  I managed to capture what I think is a very typical Adrianne Curry face.

So, hats off to the two of you.  You are weird.  But so is everyone else.  At least you are nice about it!  Thanks!  You can follow Adrianne on Twitter and check out Christopher in the ridiculous comedy Spring Breakdown with Amy Poehler, Parker Posey, and Rachel Dratch..hey – I enjoyed the movie.


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