Philadelphia Comic Con: Kaiju Big Battel

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Kaiju Big Battel ranks as one of the most absurd events I’ve ever attended, and I love it. I don’t know a lot about it, but it makes sense that I would enjoy it as it combines American professional wrestling with Japanese monster movies. It’s not shy about being over the top and if that description appeals to you on any level you should absolutely check it out.

Kaiju came to Philadelphia this past Saturday as part of the Philadelphia Comic Con weekend activities and it did not disappoint. I had seen a Kaiju show at the Electric Factory a few years back that was also part of the Wizard World weekend, and it was incredibly fun. It’s great to see that this has remained a part of the convention’s annual schedule. I did not see any of the characters and creatures at the con itself as in years past, but there were promotional flyers everywhere.

I wouldn’t have believed it given the layout, but the change of venue to The Trocadero made for an even better show. The steel cage surrounding the ring took up nearly the entire floor so there was no choice but to get close to the action. The cage also nearly reached the balcony so the view from above was like being in the cage with the combatants. While the viewing angles were better at The Trocadero, the projector and screen at the top of the entrance ramp were also so close to the action in the ring it created an insane, almost epic juxtaposition of what was happening. I had also honestly forgotten that ring announcer Louden Noxious does all of his play-by-play commentary over the house pa system and being able to see him running around during the fights was great.

The highlights of the show included:

  • Sun Buster versus Call-Me-Kevin
  • an appearance by Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder who presented an award to himself after cutting a promo that sounded very much like the words of a certain Hulkster
  • the reunion of Los Plantanos as Dusto Bunny’s box of SCIENCE was used to save their zombie brother Pablo
  • run ins by the awful waffle French Toast and American Beetle
  • Super Wrong winning the first match of his lifetime just at (or possibly after) the moment of his death by poisoning at the hands of Dr. Cube

I know Kaiju has been around for years and videos circulate all over the globe, but it was a real treat to see something very significant to the world of Kaiju Big Battel happen live at this show. In the final contest, we witnessed the unmasking and apparent death of the evil Dr. Cube! I really didn’t see this coming, and honestly I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

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