World Cup – A Good Day, All Around

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As the second games in the round robin start up there should be more goals.  Hopefully the nightmare of the first week is now over.

June 17, 2010


Argentina 4 – 1 South Korea

Argentina silenced its critics with a masterful defeat of South Korea.  Argentina’s defense made a stupid mistake just prior to halftime that lead to the South Korean goal, but Korea did not have other opportunities.  Messi was unstoppable at the front.  Even though he has not scored a goal, he has been the World Cup’s dominant player so far.   Argentina’s weakness is defense and they are hoping the lapse at the end of the half is not something that will be repeated.

Greece 2 – 1 Nigeria

Nigeria was the better side until Sani Kaifa took the red card.  Greece turned it on and scored two goals.  It wasn’t a terribly exciting match.  Saw three total goals, though.

This does not mean Argentina can beat Brazil.   Argentina cares about one thing.  Winning the cup.   They are pretty much through with the top spot in Group A.  They play Greece next.  Good luck, with that, Greece.  Enjoy this victory because, well, it is the only points you will get.  Korea versus Nigeria will be huge.  Korea needs a win because the -3 they took in the Argentina game will weigh against them if they tie.


Mexico 2 – 0 France

France looks like they didn’t even want to be there, which is upsetting since they had to get in under such awful circumstances.  Ireland would have loved to at least shown effort.  France looked like a bad recreational team.  The French are just trying to do it all on their own.  Well, they are done.  Good riddance.  Mexico looked really good.  They always step it up in the World Cup and this game was no different.  They aren’t as talented as they were four years ago, but they are playing great formations and not giving up much in terms of shots and chances.

Looks like Uruguay versus Mexico should be a high scoring affair.  The other games really don’t matter.  They do, but they don’t.


USA v Slovenia.  Should be awesome.   The Slovenians will play defensive minded, since they have no other way to play.  The US will push to score the entire game.  It is what they do best.  The US is very good in the air, so if the Slovenians pack it in the middle to keep the US to the outside it actually plays to the US’s strengths.  The US wants to keep the ball in Dempsey and Donovan’s hands as much as possible.  They can score with their heads.  Expect the USA to score a goal on a set piece (free kick) at some point.

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