World Cup – USA vs Slovenia LIVE – Updated with disallowed goal video

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USA vs Slovenia is up today. I will be live blogging it here at MLD. US should get a win. Everyone says a tie is alright, but it is not. A tie really puts a lot of pressure on the United States in their last game against Algeria. Not only must they beat Algeria, but they would have to win BIG.

Anyway, in terms of lineups: Jose Torres is in, Ricardo Clark is out. Torres is smaller, faster, and more offensive minded. Only issue with him versus Clark is that Torres is small going against a bigger Slovenia side. Slovenia should be too slow to keep up with him.

One more thing: I hope Hercules Gomez gets in the game later. He has been solid lately and brings life off the bench.

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LIVE coverage begins here:


Game time 10AM EST

PREGAME: Heard Mike Golic giving US-Slovenia commentary on the radio. Shut up. He sucks at football commentary.

1: Clint Demsey elbows Slovenian player in the head. The guy has huge ice pack. It may have actually hurt. Penalty against US. No card.

4: Bradley has already shown that he will be moving up in the middle. US with corner after Bradley drops a perfect pass to Findley on the left side. CORNER!

6: Looks like Slovenia is going down with every slight touch by the USA. Seems they aren’t as tough a team as first thought.

10: Robbie Findley came to play today. He has been the main target up front in the first 10 minutes. This isn’t saying much. Slovenia with another flop for a foul. Tough as nails, these boys.

13: GOAL SLOVENIA. Yeah. From about 25 yards out some guy from Slovenia hit it over Howard’s head. Nobody marked him. Good start, boys.

15: First set piece from US and almost gets one. Goalie for Slovenia made a great diving save. The US will get one in the air. Just a matter of time.

17: Bradley shoots. Goes over top. Hey Donovan has the ball. Welcome to the game, buddy. Ball gets taken away by some dude with blonde hair. These Europeans all look the same.

21: Donovan dribbled through the Slovenia defense for 20 yards like he was controlled by some novice in FIFA. A pass would have done wonders there. Maybe I ask too much.

25: Got nothing to report. A goal would be nice before halftime, but that would require a shot or something. One shot.

28: Slovenia flopping in their own box after a nice cross by Donovan. Every time Slovenia is touched they are going down on their back. One thing the US rarely does is dive. Ever. Embarrassing.

30: Commentator called this an “increasingly fascinating World Cup.” I guess if you start from THE WORST AND LEAST FASCINATING WORLD CUP EVER you can only go up, right?

34: The US has to start getting the ball out wide. They have to get the balls to the outside to Donovan and Dempsey. Right now they are playing long ball with Bradley and DeMerit trying to lob the ball over the Slovenian defense. Anyway, Altidore with a good run down the right hand side. YELLOW CARD Slovenia. Set piece from right side. Donovan and Torres over the ball.

36: Torres strikes it hard and low and the goalie makes a good save. Corner US. DeMerit heads it wide. Nice chance. The US will get one on a set piece or corner.

39: Findley gets YELLOW CARD. Ball hit Findley in face and gets called for a hand ball. Awful. Findley out for next game. Should be overturned. US is now dominating. Another chance. Ball goes threw the 6 but nobody is there to put it in. Can someone try shooting on net? Too many passes, possibly. They are looking good now, though.

42: GOAL SLOVENIA. Looked onside. Bad defense by central midfield. Onyewu looked like he tried to step up, but there was nobody else there. Howard had no chance with a one-on-one. US needs two goals and Slovenia, well, they don’t give up goals.

44: I guess the score matters. SLOVENIA 2 – 0 USA. Hmm…

HALF: Boooooooooo!!!! That is all I have to say. Just a terrible half. I think the US can score two goals against this team, but they have shown nothing to support my belief. Expect Hercules Gomez to come in and Findley to come out. I wouldn’t be surprised if Beasley comes in on the left and Donovan pushes into a swingman role to play wherever he wants. Time to take chances because, at this point, goal differential won’t matter.

SUBS: Torres and Findley out. Feilhaber and Edu in. Both more offensive players. Lets see what’s up.

2: Looks like Donovan is now up front. It is either he is up front or he finally started to play today. 46 minutes in is too late, Donovan.

49: DONOVAN GOAL!!!! GREATEST THING EVER!!!! He kicked it as hard as he could from 5 inches from the goalie. NO SHOT. The goalie move out of the way. HAHA!

51: Some Slovenian is hurt. Possibly for real, but I doubt it. USA set piece. Free kick from 40 yards out. Just went wide of the goal. The US is in control now. Slovenia: you have 40 minutes to hold on. Good luck.

54: I’m trying to enjoy the game. Donovan is now playing on both flanks. He is officially the BEST PLAYER ON THE TEAM when you are 8 years old. Get it to him.

56: Donovan and Dempsey on a break up the right side now. Dempsey screws it up by passing too early. Ummm… get the ball to Donovan. That’s the US tactic right now. It will work.

58: Altidore was too slow in his attack on goal. He had space, but some dude caught up with him. He looked Slovenian.

60: Clint Dempsey DDT’s some Slovenian guy. He deserved it. Then Slovenian guy stayed down for 2 minutes because, well, thats what Slovenians do. At least that is what they do today.

63: Altidore gets called for a foul. The ref is a racist. Jozy tried to get around a defender. The defender wouldn’t let him. They fell. The only way that is a foul on Jozy is if the ref is racist.

64: Game has slowed down. That is not what we want. USA is pushing up and are very susceptible to a counterattack. Be warned, MLDers.

68: YELLOW CARD on Slovenia defense. US with free kick from just outside the 18 yard line. 20 yards from goal, give or take. Off to the right. Donovan and Dempsey on the ball. Expect a shot. Set up by pass to Altidore and Altidore was brought down. Donovan takes shot. Deflected. Dempsey takes shot that is right at goalie. Nice chance. Slovenia holding on well.

70: YELLOW CARD on Slovenia dude. Late tackle. Deserved it. US from 50 yards out and will attempt to loft one into the 18. Ball flicked by Feilhaber at net, but easy save from GK.

74: YELLOW CARD on Slovenia. Jokic tried to take Donovan out of the game by kicking him as hard as he could in the thigh. Seriously. Tried to break his leg. That is the only way they will keep a tie.

77: US has one substitution left. Hercules Gomez has to be it. No word yet on who is warming up. Expect it at around the 82nd minute.

78: Altidore takes a shot. It wasn’t even close. Could have been the hardest cross ever. One of the two.

80: Hercules Gomez is coming in. Probably for Altidore, though it could be for Bradley. Dempsey has been nonexistent. Gomez for Unyewu. This essentially leaves 3 defenders. 10 minutes left. Gomez can score.

82: GOALLLLLL BRADLEY!!! GREAT BALL BY ALTIDORE!!!!! He headed the ball to open space where Bradley puts it in the top of the net. USA 2 – 2 Slovenia. Slovenia: You have 10 minutes to hold on. I don’t think you can!

84: USA just tied. Play to win! Don’t sit back. Slovenia hasn’t been able to do anything in the last 45 minutes. Keep pushing up.

85: Foul Slovenia. Ball on right corner of 18. Donovan over it. Cross in middle and ball knocked in. REF CALLS ANOTHER FOUL. WHo KNOWS FOR WHAT? THIS REF REALLY SUCKS RIGHT NOW. No Offside. No foul. Ahhh-Booo. No idea what the call was.

86: Replays show nothing. The ref just sucks. Worst reffed game of the World Cup. Worse than the Serbia game earlier today, and that was a tragedy. Not because I’m a US fan, but because there is no consistency to the calls. Its like he is making it up as he goes along.

88: Serbia headed the ball. Howard stopped it. You have to do more than that to get by Howard.

89: Howard diving save. US is having problems stepping up and stopping the 25 yard shots. I’m still upset over that ridiculous call by the ref. Wait until you see it on replay.

90: Three minutes of extra time. Its like the US has lost its offensive life after getting screwed out of a goal. It happens. One more chance should do it.

90+2: Dempsey trips over the ball. Kind of sums up his entire game today. Useless. Some Slovenian is crying and being hauled off the field. I’m sure he is really hurt. The rest of the players that cried and fell on the ground all day long were so hurt.


Pathetic effort in the first half. Great job in the second half. Should have won. The ref didn’t seem to know what he was doing. Tie keeps US hopes alive. US should beat Algeria. England should beat Slovenia. US moves on. Right? Right.

Finally a good game at the World Cup.

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