LIVE! Lady Gaga on the Today Show UPDATED with photos from my living room

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As you probably DON’T know. Lady Gaga is performing on the Today show, today. Actually right now. It’s a record turn out for the Today Show Toyota Concert Series. Nearly 20,000 people at their last count. People slept on the street for this event. Of course, with my sleepless night, I was up in time, so I have coverage.  

White stage. White everywhere. Lots of men in tight white clothing with lots of eyeliner. Starting with “Someone to Watch Over Me” cover. It was sweet.  There was supposedly going to be a surprise for fans. I am thinking it is that she is wearing pants. But I could be wrong.

She transitioned into a medley version of “Bad Romance”. Messed up once, but at least that proves she is singing (not mentioning any names, Ashlee Simpson..). And it is a medley. She started to sing the ACTUAL line. I have no problem with that.

Best Part: Hoda Kotb holding up her point and shoot to take a picture.

Commercial Break.

And we’re back! Interview with Merideth Viera. Lady Gaga sent pizza to the kids waiting out all night. How sweet! Love the tea cup. And the dancer holding the umbrella for her. Oh! The surprise is a song off the new album. “You and I”. Here we go.

Playing piano in stilettos. Impressive.

This is not the poppy Lady Gaga you all know and love. This is a rock and roll style song according to her. Much more reminiscent of the Stefani Germanotta videos that float around on You Tube.

I like it.

Commercial Break.

Outfit change! Black. And Pants! Everyone else is still in white. “Alejandro”.

Put your hands up for Gay Pride. THis is the Today Show Lady Gaga. Sorry you didn’t get as many hands in the air as you were expecting. Definitely more when you say you love New York. Wow. People are just weird.

Commercial Break.

Seriously. 20,000 people. You would think SOMEONE would have showed her their teeth by now. And it is pouring.  She loves it.

Off-stage for the rain.  She’ll be back.

On a separate note, while we wait. I kind of love that Lindsay Lohan’s attorney quit.

So overall, I liked it.  What did you think?

She’s back!  TEETH!

Performing in the pouring rain. It has to be awesome and awful at the same time. But I am definitely confused.  The end to the song aired earlier.

Did the Today Show mess up? They showed the cleared out streets already. But earlier, they showed the end of the song. Acted like she couldn’t start before the rain. And that she would be back in a bit. Confused.

All the videos are available on Lady Gaga [dot] com.

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  • Blaüra said,

    i turned it on right at the beginning of Alejandro. hopefully they have it up on Today’s website so i can see the whole thing.

  • kamila harris said,

    i also turned it on right in the middle of Alejandro, I was too busy making fun of a workout dvd informercial to remember about this – and now I cry into my coffee that I missed a new song. Thank you in advance for recording it. hehehe 🙂

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