Error Report… or Fun with YouTube

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There are a lot of songs that I’m just not sure how they got on my iPod. Sometimes I discover that Angie has snuck Lady Gaga on there or downloaded some new music that she thinks I’ll enjoy. Then there are other times that I must have just forgotten that I discovered something on my own.

This was the case with Error. I don’t know anything about the band, but the song Brains Out played while I was walking through the city last week and I was shocked that I had something I enjoyed so much that I couldn’t tell you anything about. I listened to the rest of the EP and started digging for more as soon as I got to a computer.

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LIVE! Lady Gaga on the Today Show UPDATED with photos from my living room

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As you probably DON’T know. Lady Gaga is performing on the Today show, today. Actually right now. It’s a record turn out for the Today Show Toyota Concert Series. Nearly 20,000 people at their last count. People slept on the street for this event. Of course, with my sleepless night, I was up in time, so I have coverage.   Read more of this article »


My first Glee

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There was a ton of hype around Glee when it first started.  I think I wanted to watch it in the beginning.  Maybe we had recordings that conflicted.  Either way, I didn’t.  I think maybe we tried to watch once, but didn’t make it through the episode.  It’s been officially picked up for a 3rd season by Fox, and I just watched my first full episode.

My viewing was inspired by the inclusion of Lady Gaga.  Well, the inclusion of her music.  Gossip Girl had THE Lady Gaga.  Just saying, Glee, just saying….  So I watched.  A whole episode.  Not impressed.  The singing was not believable.  Over produced?  Under-produced?  I’m not sure which one.  But it seemed like a really bad music video to me where the music just doesn’t match the mouth quite right.  I’m sure the story of the characters pulls plenty of people in, and there was enough in one random episode that I sort of got the gist of things, but this will probably be my only episode.

What can I say?  Acapella groups and 12 year old’s on YouTube are more entertaining/impressive for Lady Gaga covers than this was.


(RAH)² (AH)³ + [ROMA (1+MA)] + (GA)²+(OOH) (LA)²

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This post could have been something great.  It could have been completely about my ridiculous amount of excitement over going to see Lady Gaga in September.  Well I guess it still can be a little:


Ahhhhh.  Much better.  What I am not excited about it how expensive it was.  And how impossible it was to buy tickets.  Presale plus the moment they were available and Section 214 is the best available?  I wanted General Admission  🙁  Ok… $85…. It is going to be an amazing night.  Worth it.  Tack on all the fees/charges etc, and it actually ended up being over $100/ticket.  But at this point I was committed.  I was already going in my head and could not back down.

Then the tickets came.  And I was excited again. I wanted to take a picture of the tickets so that I could write up a post about my excitement.  That caused me to look closely at the tickets.  In Pennsylvania, you cannot scalp tickets.  It is illegal.  It’s considering scalping them if you sell them for more than face value.

I’m not considering selling these tickets.  I don’t want to give up this night unless something comes up that would prevent me from being able to go.  But I am annoyed about what is considered face value.  Where are al the stupid fees I paid?!  How is one fee listed for $3, but all the other fees are not?  Why if I sell my ticket at “face value” am I losing $15?  Four tickets, +$18 in fees per ticket.  We spent an unexpected +$72 more than we saw coming.  How is this legal?  How is this not bait and switch?  For four people to go to a show, we nearly had to pay for 5 tickets.

Nonsense, Comcast!  I call shenanigans!


SNL strong first half

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Screen shot 2009-12-12 at 8.47.30 PMI’ve been a Saturday Night Live fan for a long time and have stuck with it even through some very weak seasons.  The upside is that there are years when everything seems to come together nicely and makes for some great shows.  I think this might be one of those years.

The hosts so far have been pretty average with Taylor Swift being the only real stand-out.  This hasn’t stopped any of the shows from being a lot of fun since the cast really shines this year.  Some great recurring skits new to this season include What Up With That? and ESPN Classic broadcasts.  Combining these with spoofs of Tiger Woods and Fox News’ Fall election coverage have made for some fun shows.  The Digital Short offerings have also been solid with On the GroundTwo Worlds CollideShy Ronnie, and A Ladies Guide to Throwing a Party to name a few.  Lady GaGa was also surprisingly fun as a musical guest.

New featured cast members Nasim Pedrad and Jenny Slate have been great additions.  It’s just a shame that these two were hired as replacements for Michaela Watkins and Casey Wilson who I enjoyed last season.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturday’s at 11:30PM on NBC.  Tonight’s host is someone called Taylor Lautner who’s in some vampire movie and the musical guest is Bon Jovi who will likely get involved in other segments of the show.  An amazing number of clips from past shows are also available from the show’s official site.