My first Glee

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There was a ton of hype around Glee when it first started.  I think I wanted to watch it in the beginning.  Maybe we had recordings that conflicted.  Either way, I didn’t.  I think maybe we tried to watch once, but didn’t make it through the episode.  It’s been officially picked up for a 3rd season by Fox, and I just watched my first full episode.

My viewing was inspired by the inclusion of Lady Gaga.  Well, the inclusion of her music.  Gossip Girl had THE Lady Gaga.  Just saying, Glee, just saying….  So I watched.  A whole episode.  Not impressed.  The singing was not believable.  Over produced?  Under-produced?  I’m not sure which one.  But it seemed like a really bad music video to me where the music just doesn’t match the mouth quite right.  I’m sure the story of the characters pulls plenty of people in, and there was enough in one random episode that I sort of got the gist of things, but this will probably be my only episode.

What can I say?  Acapella groups and 12 year old’s on YouTube are more entertaining/impressive for Lady Gaga covers than this was.

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  • LydonWrites said,

    Wow… funny that our coming to GLEE was almost simultaneous, Angie. I, however, am a fan. Not really because of the singing, but because of the writing and the characters writ large, like Kurt, Rachel and Finn. Stereotypes, sure, but they’re so over the top it apologizes for itself.

    Oh, and Sue Sylvester? Best gym teacher EVER. Well… at least since Mr. Woodcock.

    And as you well know, GaGa is a non-starter for me. I may have to skip that episode. 😉

  • Angelique said,

    That may have been an issue for me with that episode as well. No Jane Lynch. I am sure she would have at least made me laugh.

  • kamila harris said,

    yeah, i have never watched this show. i wanted to see the lady gaga episode but i can’t bring myself to watch a music-oriented musical-ish type of show. just can’t do it.

  • Angelique said,

    It wasn’t really worth it. But we still have it on the DVR if you feel the need to see it.

  • kamila harris said,

    crap. it’s happening.

  • kamila harris said,

    yeah, the “synching” is off. overall it’s not bad.. but it’s definitely not the greatest.

    i am not hating it, but i am also not jumping up and down with glee about it

    i will be watching the Britney episode i think…

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