Birthday at Beau Monde

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Mrs. LydonWrites’ birthday was today, and she chose one of our favorite spots, Beau Monde, for dinner. Their website does an admirable job of telling you about their Breton-style crepes, but for the quick and dirty initiation, there are savory crepes (made of buckwheat) and sweet crepes (made of regular wheat flour), and filled with excellent ingredients that have never failed to make our mouths water. Likewise are the sweet crepes, filled with fruit, creme Anglaise, ice cream, and other delectable spreads like Nutella. Yeah… I just called Nutella a delectable spread. Deal with it.

There are appetizers (like the Beau Monda Pizza, with spinach and goat cheese on a paper thin crust), and salads, as well as an incredible french onion soup, and one or two different soup du jour specials. Of course, you don’t go to the creperie unless you want crepes, and this is where Beau Monde really delivers. You can build your own from the ingredients, or choose one of the chef’s suggestions at the bottom of the menu. Mrs. LydonWrites loves her spinach, chicken and goat cheese, while I favor the Andouille sausage and ratatouille, though tonight I had the merguez (a spicy lamb sausage), cherry tomato and braised cucumber (like pickles, but more more delicious) special. So, so good.

Dessert for the missus was the sweet special of the night, with beets, creme Anglaise, chocolate ice cream and … something else that initially sounded a little strange to me. No worries, though, as it was excellent. My own dessert was a banana, white chocolate, caramel and vanilla ice cream concoction (and yes, it was a chef’s suggestion on the menu), that proves that there is a god, and her name is Dessert.

Prices are higher than a sandwich shop, but seemingly consistent with other mid-range eateries, especially in the South Street area. Beau Monde is at 6th and Bainbridge, so good luck finding free parking, especially on a weekend night. Well worth the trip, though, so even if you have to pay to park, your palate will thank you.

Below are a few pictures I captured in the midst of our feeding frenzy. I’m no photographer, of course, but dig it as you will.

The Merguez Special
Creamer from an elegant white cow.
My Dessert the aforementioned Banana White Chocolate Affair.
Mrs. LydonWrites’ Beets-n-Things Sweet Special.
A Street Art Reminder… that we’re still in the South Street corridor
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  • Angelique said,

    Maybe this is a good location for the MLD dinner. Who wouldn’t be happy with a custom crepe?

  • lydonwrites said,

    I hear tell that there are some eaters in the MLD fold that aren’t comfortable with lots of flavor, though. You think they’d be OK with Beau Monde?

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