Birthday at Beau Monde

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Mrs. LydonWrites’ birthday was today, and she chose one of our favorite spots, Beau Monde, for dinner. Their website does an admirable job of telling you about their Breton-style crepes, but for the quick and dirty initiation, there are savory crepes (made of buckwheat) and sweet crepes (made of regular wheat flour), and filled with excellent ingredients that have never failed to make our mouths water. Likewise are the sweet crepes, filled with fruit, creme Anglaise, ice cream, and other delectable spreads like Nutella. Yeah… I just called Nutella a delectable spread. Deal with it.

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Supper for Dinner is Divine

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After a fabulous day out and about, we ended up on South Street near the Magic Gardens. Walked around a bit and at 5pm, since we hadn’t eaten anything since morning, decided to grab some dinner. We had spent the earlier part of the day celebrating, so a nice dinner rather than Jim’s Steaks seemed appropriate. Right across the street was Supper. We had heard good things in the past, and checked the menu posted outside. There was a rabbit dish listed, so I was sold.

They just opened at 5pm, and we were welcomed to have the restaurant to ourselves at 4:58pm. Perfect. Upon receiving out menus, I noticed the lack of a rabbit dish. So sad. But I do love restaurants that change their menus often. And I will definitely love Supper as long as the pretzels don’t go away.


carrot orange soup

So let’s start from the beginning. Housemade Soft Pretzels with green chile-and-beer fondue to start. They were incredible pretzel bites, sea salt, and the fondue was amaaaaaaaazing. It would have been great to have 6 pretzel bites instead of 4. That would have been the perfect pretzel/cheese ratio. But, as soon as I was considering using my finger to finish the fondue, fresh from the oven bread arrived. Not just white bread. This bread had entire cloves of roasted garlic floating about in it. So delightful. Tiny cloves, so they weren’t too overwhelming. Next, Pete had the Carrot and Orange Soup with coconut marshmallow and mint. Presentation was everything. A large bowl arrived with two tangerine slices and some mint on the bottom, and on the side, a coconut marshmallow spread across and toasted. The carrot soup was then poured around the tangerine slices. Oh! It was so good! And with that coconut marshmallow…..mmmmmm.

photo 2


Ok! Time for dinner! I was concerned about the mushrooms in the Red Wine Braised Brisket with mushrooms, onions and kasha. After a quick check with the chef, the waiter was happy to tell me they could do green beans instead of mushrooms. What?! I LOVE green beans! YAY! Pete ordered the Supper Burger w/ bacon, gruyere, sweet onions, tomato and duck fat fingerlings. He initially questioned me on the duck fat fingerlings, but after a quick explanation had no issues. Some more fresh baked bread arrived. This time a honey wheat as well. Delightful. And then the moment we had been waiting for. Supper! The food arrived and was just amazing looking. Mine was off the Plates menu, which was described as slightly larger than an appetizer. Pete’s was a Large Plate, which should have been a classic entree size. This was about right since I cleared my plate, and Pete was full before he finished. I definitely think most restaurants give too much food, so I thought their menu was set up perfectly.

photo 3

supper burger

After one bite of his burger, I was told I had to try it as it would fall apart the further he got. I was barely able to get one bite without it collapsing, but it was worth the messy hands. We concluded it was a burger that needed a fork and a knife. I do not like cheeseburgers, but this was soooooo good. Worth taking a bite of a cheeseburger for sure. The brisket was a thicker slice than I have ever seen, and only one small strip of fat. Possibly the most meat ever served to me when I ordered brisket. Red wine glaze, pearl onions, kasha, craisins, and capers….I had a hard time not wanting a little bit of everything in each bite. Ahhh…. It was all delicious.

banana bread pudding with nutella

banana bread pudding with nutella

Relax a little, enjoy the company, then it is time for dessert. We were given our options, and rather than our typical discussion of what to share, I ordered one for each of us immediately. A flourless chocolate cake with cocoa crumble & housemade dulce de leche ice cream for me, and for Pete, the Banana Bread Pudding with nutella and housemade vanilla ice cream. The flourless chocolate cake can really only be described as chocolate butter. It melted in my mouth. For the bread pudding, the nutella provided the perfect amount of chocolate to an awesome dessert.

flourless chocolate cake

flourless chocolate cake

Really, I can’t find anything wrong with our visit. I enjoyed every bite that I took, and cannot wait to go back. It doesn’t hurt that, while I was concerned with the $10-$11 price tag of glasses of wine, my glass was larger and fuller than possibly 2-3 glasses at an average restaurant. And it lasted me until moments before dessert was served. Which is exactly when I like to finish my glass of wine with dinner!

Maybe one month we will try out the Sunday Supper. But for now I am content knowing that it is restaurants like this that scare me away from the idea of living “too far” from the city, and that we will without a doubt go back.