REVIEW: Buried

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I think a lot of people have the wrong idea about this movie.  I walked into it thinking it was a semi-horror flick.  It is not in the least.  Its plot and structure are closer to an action movie than a horror movie.  I thought I’d be claustrophobic.  While at times I was a bit claustrophobic, the movie is shot in a way that makes you forget you are in such a confined space.  This does not mean the movie cheats.  It doesn’t.  At no point in time does Ryan Reynolds’s character do things that would normally be impossible in a regular sized coffin.  That is probably the most remarkable part about this movie.   It feels absolutely real.

Reynolds is the only actor in the movie.  For 90 minutes you are stuck inside of the box with the actor.  The only other voices you hear are those on the other end of the phone.  This is not a situation where you know what is going on outside the coffin.  You are completely in the dark about anything going on outside the wood coffin.  This is key because it leaves you with a feeling that anything and everything could happen.

I am being purposefully vague about this movie.  The only thing you should know about the plot is that Ryan Reynolds is stuck in a coffin.  I would not read reviews, synopses, or watch trailers.  The movie provides the information pretty quickly during the course of the first twenty to thirty minutes.  Why he is there, where he is located, what his job is will all be told to you.  The more you know the less fun the reveals are.  I know it is impossible nowadays to avoid spoilers, but if I knew more about the movie going into it I may not have liked it as much.

Do not leave the movie once you’re in the theater.  There will be many times in this movie that you will look around and want to walk out.  You will want to look away or take a break.  If you leave the theater you may relieve the tension building up inside of you, which could kill your enjoyment of the film.  The tension is good.  It is there because a solid filmmaker and great actor put it there.  A solid 8.5 out of 10. Enjoy it.

Also look for a review of the social network tomorrow. September through December are the best months for movies.  Enjoy them while you can.

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