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This movie is very good.  This should not surprise anyone that likes David Fincher. He has made some of the better pop movies of the past fifteen years.  Se7en, Fight Club, and The Game are all really good movies.  Yeah, The Game is a good movie.  I liked Zodiac a lot, but I know it is not for everybody.  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is for nobody.  Thankfully, the social network makes us forget about that awful movie pretty quickly.

The film follows the founding of facebook up until its 1,000,000th member.  The story is told in flashback form, which is actually handled in an interesting way.   Jesse Eisenberg is great as Mark Zuckerberg.  He comes off as quite the prick, but very likeable because you know that he is better than everyone else.  Justin Timberlake is probably the standout performance as Sean Parker, the founder of Napster.  His first scene in the movie is really classic and perfect for the character.  If you hate Justin Timberlake, then you are really going to loathe that this role will make him a movie star.  He may never get top billing or carry a movie on his own, but he sure can be very good in a heck-of-a-lot of them.  The rest of the cast handles itself well.

Why I spent so much time on the cast is it is the reason the movie is so enjoyable.  Each character is hatable.  It could be the Harvard in them.  It could be a lot of things.  They are all egomaniacs and you kind of want them to fail.  In life you meet so many insufferable dicks.  Most of the time they cannot back it up.  Eisenberg and JT play Zuckerberg and Parker as those rare cases when those arrogant jerks got the goods.  You know they will be successful and the ego is for good reason.  It’s fun to watch.

the social network has the procedural form of Zodiac, but about 40 less minutes.   That is a net gain in my book. With a runtime is around 140 minutes, hit the bathroom before you enter the theater.  Don’t get too big a drink, since you’ll probably have to hit the bathroom by about the crew race.  You can leave and come back, though, and you probably wont miss too much.  That said, I would advise you NOT to leave Buried at any point. Another two thumbs up for another solid Fall movie.

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