Cramming Oscar Season into Just Two Days

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I’ve never been one to rush out and see Oscar nominated films in the theater even though in the end I tend to prefer smaller, artsier films to Hollywood’s typical factory-produced sequel. I guess it’s just when the time comes to spend the money for a night at the movies, I’d rather see something that demands the larger screen and sound system. Of course this just encourages Hollywood to make Transformers 4 and we all lose.

This year AMC Theaters are offering a unique opportunity to catch up on those films that were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture that we might have missed. Over the next two weekends select AMC theaters will be offering two “Best Picture Showcases”; each featuring five of the movies up for the Academy’s top prize for just $35. In addition, attendees will receive a ten dollar AMC gift card to use on food.

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REVIEW: the social network

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This movie is very good.  This should not surprise anyone that likes David Fincher. He has made some of the better pop movies of the past fifteen years.  Se7en, Fight Club, and The Game are all really good movies.  Yeah, The Game is a good movie.  I liked Zodiac a lot, but I know it is not for everybody.  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is for nobody.  Thankfully, the social network makes us forget about that awful movie pretty quickly.

The film follows the founding of facebook up until its 1,000,000th member.  The story is told in flashback form, which is actually handled in an interesting way.   Read more of this article »