New York Comic Con – Friday

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One of the first things I overheard at New York Comic Con was “The first day is overwhelming. As long as you stay with an adult you’ll be fine, so just stick with me.” – and the first thing that popped into my head was “YIKES I don’t have an adult!” Is it normal to think this at my age?  Who knows… I do know that it made me feel better about feeling like a kid in a candy store and not even knowing where to look.  It really was overwhelming.  I know I missed a bunch of stuff and wish I was free this weekend to go back!   There was so much amazing art and creative energy, it really made me appreciate the gaming/comic world from a whole new perspective.

This was my first time at Comic Con, so I arrived early not realizing that the doors don’t actually open until 1 on Friday for the “general public”.  So I walked around the building for a while and I just happened to wander into this panel – Why Graphic Novels Should Be In Your Library –  and it was kind of amazing.  Two that particularly stood out to me were The Zombie Survival Guide – Recorded Attacks and I Kill Giants which I just knew I had to find once the doors to the main show floor opened.  And not only did I find them, but I met Max Brooks and got my books signed. Woohoo!  I also picked up The Walking Dead – Volume 1. I just can’t get enough of zombies.  Hopefully I’ll be able to review these after I’ve read them!

Here are a couple photos –

Photos provided by Kamila Harris Photography.

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  • kamila harris said,

    I should have bought that Dexter shirt.

    And thank you PTB for picking up Hellcity for me on Saturday. I’m gonna have a lot of reviews to write.

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