New Muppets Movie Due Christmas 2011

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I find it to be a major failing on the part of this website that we have written very little about The Muppets since we’ve launched. Now, granted there’s been very little to actually report on beyond some popular YouTube videos and rumors of a Jason Segel-written movie off in the distance. That movie has been talked about for so long with no news of it receiving an official green light that I had come to assume it would never happen.

That was until today when it was reported on the Muppets official Facebook page (what? You don’t follow the Muppets on Facebook?) that the movie is already filming and that Entertainment Weekly was publishing an exclusive sneak peak.

Turns out the movie, which was written by Segel and Nicholas Stoller (the team that also wrote Forgetting Sarah Marshall), is due out Christmas 2011. You’ll remember from Forgetting Sarah Marshall that Segel had composed a Dracula musical starring Muppet-like puppets. The new Muppets movie will star Segel and Amy Adams and be directed by James Bobin (Flight of the Concords). The script for the film, which I’ve dubbed It’s About Frickin’ Time They Made a New Muppets Movie, is rumored to have been reviewed by the creative team at Pixar prior to production. The movie will also introduce Segel’s roommate, a new Muppet named Walter.

A link to the article has been posted at Toughpigs.

Now let’s just hope we don’t have to suffer through any long, uncomfortable, full frontal, male Muppet nudity.

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