REVIEW: 1812 Productions’ This Is The Week That Is

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If you’ve ever wanted to go up to NYC to see The Daily Show, but couldn’t, for whatever reason, I’ve got the next best thing: 1812 Productions’ This Is The Week That Is, running through Friday, 12/31/10 at Philadelphia’s Plays and Players Theater.

Written chiefly by Don Montrey (with the cast) and performed by some of the best comic talents working Philly’s stages, This Is The Week That Is sends up the news of the past year, bringing in skits that connect it to our ridiculous history as a nation. The time-traveling sequence ALMOST lost me with its history-repeating redux, but something about 1938 lit that fire again. Maybe it was the synchronized swimming, or the “big, splashy, musical, song and dance number” that warmed my heart and made me laugh. Whatever it was, it worked.

If you’ve ever enjoyed area actors Tony Braithwaite, Susan Riley Stevens, Scott Greer, Jen Childs, and Steven Wright, see this show. I’ve known Steve for years, and his Obama is getting better and better. And Steve as a newsman? Priceless, even if his Ron Burgundy-like mustache keeps trying to fall off. If you’ve ever laughed along with ComedySportz Philly’s Dave Jadico or CSzPhilly alum Alex Bechtel on any given Saturday night, see this show. And hey, Tom Shotkin’s pre-taped performances as Uncle Shotsie prove that our Hebrew brethren have just as good a time celebrating Christmas with all the goyim and shiksas. “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Enough Already With the Goddamn Bells!” Thank you, Uncle Shotsie.

Hurry up and check it out!

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