REVIEW: Green Lantern Corps #60 War of the Green Lanterns Part Eight

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It’s time for another Green Lantern Thursday at MyLatestDistraction where we’ll take a look at the most recent chapters of DC Comics’ War of the Green Lanterns. This is a big series with big things happening for DC’s cosmic heroes and the final three installments before the finale are full of important moments. It’s also worth mentioning that a Green Lantern motion picture is coming to theaters everywhere on June 17th, 2011. It’s hard to believe readers of the various Green Lantern comic books wouldn’t have this on their radar already, but to make certain no one would miss it DC added a big green banner to all their books this month.

Spoilers for the issue and series will follow.

PTB: I don’t know why, but I imagine all these Green rings floating around sound like swarms of buzzing insects.

KevinMLD: Maybe. Or Maybe that’s just the Green Lanterns that actually ARE buzzing insects that you are imagining yourself hearing… like the late great Bzzd.

PTB: It kind of bothers me when there are 10,000+ rings here waiting for Mogo and Krona to find hosts. I know the threat is tremendous but that just seems absurd. How many sectors are there? I guess we don’t really ever see all the corpsmen there are currently.

KevinMLD: According to Wikipedia there are currently 3600 sectors governed by 7200 Green Lanterns. I don’t know why he’d need 10,000 extra rings.

PTB: It reminds me of all the black rings during Blackest Night. At least these are being evenly distributed throughout the universe and not all flying toward Earth.

KevinMLD: Maybe the sheer number of Black Lanterns that arose during Blackest Night convinced Mogo and the Guardians that the extra rings may someday be needed.

PTB: The dialogue about Kyle and John figuring out their new power sets is a little cumbersome, but thankfully it ends quickly and we get right into the story.

Is John’s dead wife, Katma Tui, a former GL?

KevinMLD: Yes. I don’t know a lot about that era of his history. I just know he failed to save the planet Xanshi from being destroyed and has wrestled with that failure for years.

PTB: Do you think that’s really her that we see warn them of the incoming horde of Green Lamterns?

KevinMLD: She is supposed to be dead, but no one stays dead in comics.

PTB: Had we seen Kyle’s Blue Ring remove the Yellow impurity and awaken anyone else before this point?

KevinMLD: Not that I’m aware of because the Yellow Impurity hasn’t really existed since the Blue Lanterns were around… Until now.

PTB: A planet brain with a ring inside is a wild idea that I would have liked to see a more outlandish artistic take on.

KevinMLD: I agree that this could have been portrayed more interestingly. I’m not sure how exactly, but as more than a green circle with a ring in the center.

PTB: What exactly is Green Lantern Bzzd? The Silver Surfer to Mogo’s Galactus?

KevinMLD: Hahaha. No. Bzzd was another Green Lantern. More Starsky to his Hutch.

PTB: We see more left over Black energy from Blackest Night trapped at Mogo’s core. This is where the interior art really shines.

I loved John’s move to absorb the “deadliest weapon at hand” and become a Black / Indigo Lantern hybrid, but the staff/gun and the “deadliest energy in the emotional spectrum” being Death (and not an energy per se) had me irked. Other than that, this is the best page in the book until two pages later.

KevinMLD: I was a little weirded out by how willing John was to embrace the Black Energy. There needs to be some sort of consequence for this decision. In addition, if I remember correctly, Mogo’s intense gravitational core was what was keeping the Black Lanterns from the battle on Oa contained. Are they now free? And if not the Black Lanterns themselves, at least the Black Lantern energy?

PTB: Those are good questions. I love the way the page orientation flips for that final two-page spread. Tyler Kirkham and Batt really nail that moment. I don’t know what should happen when a sentient planet takes a Black Lantern sniper headshot, but the explosion reminded me of that commercial where Michael Bay blows everything up when there’s seemingly no reason for anything to explode.

KevinMLD: That commercial is literally Michael Bay’s finest work.

PTB: I don’t normally read the letters page, but I have been looking at them as they have upcoming and variant cover art in these Green Lantern books. The Mogo obituary printed there is fantastic. “He leaves behind two moons and assorted debris hurtling dangerously through space.”

I don’t mean to make light of his death since I know you were a fan, but the obituary was a really amusing thing to include.

KevinMLD: It was a little sillier than I’d prefer, but fun.

PTB: All three issues released in this set had variant covers by Clayton Crain. I loved the image for Green Lantern #66, but the variant for this issue doesn’t thrill me as much.

I think it’s got a lot to do with Guy looking too much like a zombie and the complete absence of Kyle Raynor.

KevinMLD: I’m not a fan of this variant in any way. All of the characters just look lifeless to me.

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