Wugazi’s (Fugazi/Wu-Tang Clan Mash-Up) ’13 Chambers’ Out Today

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So yesterday on my way to work my iPhone pumped out literally the greatest “genius” playlist I’ve ever heard. It was the perfect combination of songs and bands that I love but haven’t listened to in forever, teamed with my state of mind at the time. So many great bands came up: classic era Sunny Day Real Estate, Jawbox, Inside Out, The Promise Ring, Mineral, Rival Schools. Even when it selected a Jimmy Eat World song, it was “What I Would Say to You Now” not something from the last decade. The whole thing was epic. About the time I got off the turnpike, I realized this “greatest playlist ever” hadn’t featured a single song from later than around 2001. It was pretty depressing. I felt like an old man who time had passed by without me even noticing.

Apparently I’m not the only one feeling nostalgic for the 1990s as today a “mix tape” called 13 Chambers by an act called Wugazi is being released online.

The record is basically 13 mash-ups of Fugazi and Wu-Tang Clan mixed by Cecil Otter, Swiss Andy, Adam Constable, and Plain Ole Bill. As far as I can tell the entire project has been posted at Wugazi.com for free. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control involving my laptop, I couldn’t download the entire thing this morning or even ensure that the links at Wugazi.com work. I did get a chance to listen to three tracks at Hype Machine yesterday on my phone and really enjoyed what I heard. Those songs mostly featured Wu-Tang vocal tracks layered over instrumental Fugazi songs to really great effect. While I’m generally not a huge fan of mash-ups, Fugazi recorded enough instrumental songs over the years that I think the project has great potential. Plus, since they have been “on hiatus” for what seems like a million years, this is just a perfect opportunity to step back and appreciate their music through a slightly twisted filter. Go check it out. Chances are you’ll be hearing the whole thing before I do, so let me know whether it’s any good.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, the “genius” playlist started with “Back and to the Left” by Texas is the Reason. You should give that a try on your iPod as well.


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