Around in the world for 180 days

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It’s been six months since our first post on MLD and I thought it would be fun to talk about some of the experiences we’ve had and milestones we’ve reached.

We’ve had hits from around the world, which is always incredible to me.  Seeing pageloads from all over North and South America, Europe and Asia is pretty cool.  Still waiting for Australia, Africa and Antarctica, along with 10 states.

While we haven’t gotten as many comments posted here as we’d like, there has certainly been a great response and great support from the people reading the site.  If you’re hesitant to post your reactions here, don’t be.  You’re among friends who would love to hear what you think.

Some of the feedback we have received has helped with a lot of our site updates and changes we’ve made to our navigation since we started out.  Hopefully, you can find anything you’re looking for when you’re on the site, and any suggestions are always welcome.

The searches that have been used to get here are probably the most fascinating part of the site to me.  Countless people have found us searching for “floories” along with “male nudity”, “tearjerkers“, “how to roast peppers for human consumption” and various spellings of “Djurjevic“.  Of course there’s always the odd search for “pocky” every now and then.

Thank you for the attention you’ve paid to MLD.  It’s great to know that there are people out there enjoying what we’re doing.


REVIEW: The Hangover

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I liked it a lot better when it was called Dude, Where’s My Car?

Actually that’s not really true, but for me I couldn’t get that thought out of my head while watching the Hangover, except it lacks Dude’s weird Sci-Fi twist. A lot of the jokes recall other comedies beyond Dude including the Chris Farley classic Tommy Boy but it is still a funny movie with a fun cast. I think it’s worth seeing if you have a high tolerance for male nudity.

It’s also weird seeing Heather Graham in a movie in a theater. It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve done that…