Catching up with the Walking Dead
Part 1: The page versus the screen

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Last week we spent some time discussing the first half of AMC’s The Walking Dead – Season Two in preparation for last Sunday’s mid-season premiere. Much of that conversation revolved around the distinctions we’re seeing between the television series and Robert Kirkman’s comic book series from Image. With more than 90 issues published, KevinMLD has been reading since the beginning. Rather than waiting for PTB to read through it all in order, we decided to dive in with a discussion of issue #91 through the current issue #93.

Spoilers for all forms of The Walking Dead will follow with some specific details from The Walking Dead #91-93.

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The Walking Dead returns to round out season two

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In our previous discussions of AMC’s The Walking Dead, we’ve been very careful not to spoil details from the Image Comics series the show is based on. With nearly one-hundred issues published, there’s a great deal to mine for television but the two series are becoming more and more distinct from one another. The result is both maintaining the sense that anything can happen and no one is safe that the comic series is known for.

As the show returns tonight for the remainder of its second season, we’ll digest everything we’ve seen so far and try to make sense of where things are heading. Spoilers for all forms of The Walking Dead will follow.

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Kinemortophobia: Image warns there’s something to fear from The Walking Dead

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Another mysterious arrival from Image Comics this time with the title “Something to Fear.” When it comes to The Walking Dead, I would have thought that went without saying.

Check out Skybound.com for more teasers on what’s coming up for Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead.


Halftime Report: The Walking Dead

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As the first season of AMC’s new monster hit (pun intended), The Walking Dead, reaches its mid-point, we at MLD decided it was a good time to gather up some of our regulars to chat about what we’ve seen so far.

Some of what we discuss may be considered spoilers to some readers, so if you’re trying to avoid any particular details about the comic series or the show, consider yourselves warned.

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Doylestown Zombie Crawl

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This past Sunday, Cyborg One in Doylestown hosted a Zombie Crawl.  Of course I had to participate in this, especially after seeing that there would be a costume contest and the winner would get a copy of The Walking Dead Comendium One and a $50 Gift Certificate… I started brainstorming for a zombie costume immediately.  I soon knew that this was the perfect use for my 8-year-0ld wedding gown that has been sitting in a box in the garage for a while.  And there was blood. Lots and lots of blood.

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