Doylestown Zombie Crawl

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This past Sunday, Cyborg One in Doylestown hosted a Zombie Crawl.  Of course I had to participate in this, especially after seeing that there would be a costume contest and the winner would get a copy of The Walking Dead Comendium One and a $50 Gift Certificate… I started brainstorming for a zombie costume immediately.  I soon knew that this was the perfect use for my 8-year-0ld wedding gown that has been sitting in a box in the garage for a while.  And there was blood. Lots and lots of blood.

About 100 zombies showed up and walked through Doylestown.  It was super fun and everyone looked amazing.  I’m excited to report that my steampunk-y zombie-bride-carrying-around-her-dead-groom’s-skull costume won first place and now I have even more to read and review and that $50 gift certificate is already burning a hole in my pocket.  What should I get?!

Huge thank you to James from Cyborg One for organizing this. It was beyond awesome.


More photos at http://www.facebook.com/cyborgone1

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