REVIEW: Zombieland

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Zombieland is the most fun I’ve had in a movie theater this year since Star Trek.

It doesn’t aim particularly high. What it does do is aim to be funny, gross, and charming. And it succeeds time and again.

The movie stars Jesse Eisenberg as Columbus. A huge nerd who has outlined rules for himself for life in a Post-Apolcalyptic America populated predominantly by zombies. Following those rules has kept him alive. Eisenberg is fine in the part and probably has cemented for himself a role as the guy directors go to when Michael Cera turns them down.

Woody Harrelson hasn’t been this fun in forever. He plays Tallahassee, a guy who’s good at killing zombies and enjoys being creative about it.

Emma Stone picked another winning project after Superbad and Lucky Louie. Ok so maybe Lucky Louie didn’t turn out to be a winner, but I loved it. I can’t make any excuses for her for doing The Rocker though.

And the other guy steals the show.

If you’re interested, the zombies in this film are basically the result of a mutated case of Mad Cow disease and they sprint fast. Really fast.