Nintendo Announces Wii U

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I’m by no means a gamer. I would like to be more of one, but I consistently find that video games left me behind at least a decade ago (maybe two). I don’t have the time or desire to spend hours learning a game before I really get to enjoy it. I want to be able to jump right in and know how to play immediately and I don’t find too many fulfilling games that work like that.

You can imagine my excitement then when the original Wii came out because that seemed designed specifically for me and featured cool high tech motion controls. Awesome. I was a VERY early adopter of this system and LOVED Wii Sports. Unfortunately, I still don’t think Nintendo has produced a game that has topped that one in terms of the motion controls. So for me at least, the system was fun when you had friends over, but it basically never lived up to its potential.
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