Fake Comic Book Day

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Today was supposed to be something the comic buying world had not seen for a long time (if ever), a Wednesday (or Thursday) without new comic books.  Upon first hearing that comics’ central distributor, Diamond Distribution, would not be shipping new books this week, I was admittedly sad and disappointed. That seemed to quickly change to a sense of relief in having a week to catch up and save a few dollars (what can I say it’s a weird hobby).  I’ve come to find out that there will be new books today as some publishers have decided to work around Diamond.

DC is releasing Blackest Night #6, the latest chapter in their dead-raising rainbow-colored cosmic epic.  Marvel is countering with Origins of Siege, a primer for their upcoming Siege event set to begin on January 6th.  With only two books from the “Big Two” publishers, this week is also being hailed as “Indy Comic Book Week” as a number of smaller imprints are attempting to capitalize on the open shelf space.

In a week with essentially no competition, Blackest Night should see monster sales numbers once again.  Although a lack of other books might see people wait until next week.  The thing that irks me about this is the fact that this book shipped last week and retailers were asked to hold off on selling it until the 30th.  I don’t really like this move, and it’s a clear reason why the book was leaked on the internet last week.

Origins of Siege might not be the most exciting comic book anyone will read this year (or next) but the hook here is that it’s free.  From what I’ve seen, there’s some new material, a full dossier on the major players involved in Siege, and a seven-page preview of next week’s Siege #1.  It’s pretty safe to say that most people who do venture out to a store this week will leave with a copy.

Indy Comic Book Week is a brilliant move in my mind.  This is a unique opportunity, and I hope it translates to some increased revenue for smaller publishers.  I don’t know that every retailer is participating, but a partial list can be found at the ICBW site along with a list of creators. Some of the interesting titles include: Bamn the story of a down and out pro wrestler that helps some kids fight back against high school bullies, Dead Man Holiday a science fiction story about a flooded neighborhood called Little Atlantis, Green Monk the tale of an outcast Russian monk and a magic blade of grass, and Spy Guy a satirical social commentary mystery.

I have to be honest though, I don’t see much chance of me buying these books.  A skip week was exactly what I needed.  The opportunity to buy only one book (and walk out with two, thanks Marvel) is just too rare for me, and I have to take it.  Some hobby.

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