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Marvel_LogoThree great special issues were released by Marvel in the past two weeks, unfortunately they shipped (and I subsequently read) in perhaps the exact reverse order they were intended.  All three books are written by Brian Bendis, the architect of the upcoming Siege event and writer of the Avengers titles for several years.  The books in questions are New Avengers Annual #3, Dark Avengers Annual #1 and Siege: The Cabal.  Read them in that order, but don’t read on unless you want to know why (consider that a SPOILER warning).

NewAvengersAnnual3New Avengers Annual #3.  So I read this last, because it shipped last (as in after the other two books) even though it’s clearly set before them.  The book features beautiful realistic art from Mike Mayhew (no idea if he’s related to Peter Mayhew, science fiction’s Chewbacca) and follows up on the events of Dark Reign: The List – Avengers.  Opening with the captured Clint Barton being interrogated by Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers, this is the morning after Clint’s assassination attempt on Norman in Avengers Tower.  The ladies of the New Avengers mount a rescue effort, and being short-handed, Spider-Woman, Ms. Marvel and Mockingbird are joined by Jessica Jones returning as Jewel as they use misdirection to save the day.  As the team collects itself at the end of the issue, we see the dramatic reappearance of Steve Rogers, Captain America, to everyone’s surprise.

DarkAvengersAnnual1Dark Avengers Annual #1.  This was a book I was really looking forward to, as it features the art of Chris Bachalo (I’m a big fan) and tells the story of Noh-Varr, Marvel Boy, since fleeing the Dark Avengers upon learning they were a group of murderers and psychopaths posing as heroes.  Marvel Boy is being tracked and hunted by the Sentry and clearly chooses a side against Osborn’s regime.  After making a strong showing defending himself and escaping again, we see that he is being observed by the new Captain America side-by-side with Steve Rogers.  The only person surprised this time was me, since not only had the issue I just talked about not shipped before reading this but Captain America: Reborn #5 still hasn’t shipped.  I’m assuming at this point that Steve Rogers returns safe and sound after his apparent death and I guess I don’t need to buy or read the conclusion to that series.

SiegeTheCabalSiege: The Cabal #1.  Both of the Avengers Annuals point the reader to continue the story in Siege which officially begins in January.  I’m really looking forward to this series as it’s the return of the Avengers’ Big Three and ties together seven years of Marvel history.  Things kick off here as Norman Osborn’s secret Cabal further collapses with Doctor Doom confronting Osborn over what happened with Namor in Dark Reign: The List – X-Men.  After getting taken down by Osborn’s secret weapon (who is not revealed in the issue, appearing only in shadow) Doom still manages to create chaos at Avengers tower.  The book is primarily a fight seen, but the conclusion shows Loki pushing Osborn to assault Asgard which has been floating inches above Oklahoma for the past year and has to be considered a threat (even if the president doesn’t agree) leading into Siege.

siege-1These books were all great.  I honestly enjoyed them a great deal and I’m excited to see them pay off during Siege, but it would have been nice to have been able to read everything in the intended order.  It’s no secret that Steve Rogers is coming back, but come on, Marvel, I can’t believe this couldn’t have been handled better.

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  • Kevinmld said,

    Word. Marvel sucks Bones style.

  • ptb said,

    Kevin…you know I won’t agree with that statement, but while the books have been very entertaining to me, they sucked at getting them out in the proper order. They delayed everything for months when Civil War fell behind, no reason they couldn’t have held some of this stuff until Reborn was finished or release the annuals in the same week.

    For anyone interested, here are some links to more information on Siege from Newsarama and Marvel.

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