BBC America’s British Invasion

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Happy Birthday, America!

BBC America is celebrating today with a full schedule of shows they’re calling their British Invasion. Featuring Monty Python, The Beatles, James Bond and Doctor Who it should be a fun day if you’re inside watching TV.

All the Doctor Who episodes involve The Doctor’s travels to the States even if they aren’t exactly our United States on Earth. Where the fun be in that? It took my a few episodes for me to put the theme together although it should have been obvious. It almost makes up for not having a new episode this week. Here’s a quick description of what to look for.

Dalek: A billionaire American collector tries to add a deadly new piece to his collection.
New Earth: Humanity has relocated to a new home and New New York (the 15th actually) has a hospital full of secrets.
Gridlock: The people of New New York have been stuck in traffic for decades never reaching their destinations.
Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks: The Cult of Skaro invades New York during the great depression in a desperate attempt to continue their existence. These episodes also feature the newly cast Spider-Man for Sony’s next film.

Also be sure to look out for the Beatles’ Biggest Secrets and Goldeneye this evening.

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  • lydonwrites said,

    You know, I’ve never watched Dr. Who. Not in the old days of PBS reruns, or now. I may have to start, though… your posts on Dr. Who are slowly pulling me in.

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