ComedySportz International Tournament 2010 – Here in Philly!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I need to you tell you about something incredibly funny and HUGE for comedy here in Philadelphia. It’s ComedySportz International Tournament 2010, hosted for the very first time here in Philadelphia, PA!

I joined the Philadelphia cast of ComedySportz five years ago in 2005, and attended that year’s tournament in Los Angeles. It was amazing seeing hundreds of improvisors who do the same thing I do, coming from 22 different cities across the nation. There was even a team from Manchester, England! That experience proved to me that this improvisation thing I got myself into was a much larger thing than just 30 or so people I did it with in Philly.

Since then, Philly as an improv city has blown up, putting it nearly in the same ranks as New York City, Chicago and LA, both in terms of talent and the sheer number of people and groups performing in town. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, July 15-17th, the longest running show in town, ComedySportz Philly gets to show its stuff to that wide nation of improvisors, both CSz and non-CSz related.

Oh, and did I mention… there’s a team from Berlin, Germany now? Vee haf vays of making you laugh!

I’m not onstage with any of the teams Philly is fielding against our out of town brethren this week (we have 40 members of the company and only 12 spots, so no big thang!), but I will be stage managing one night, and taking in the funny the rest of the nights from the players’ loft at World Cafe Live in West Philly. I HIGHLY suggest you all get come out one, two or all three nights! You can get your tickets here.

You’ll probably see spots on 6ABC, and hear them on the radio at B101 this week. That’s us! Come on out! If you wanna laugh with improvisors from around the globe, and your hometown audience, come on out. But… if you don’t like laughing, stay home and watch reruns of something depressing.

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