REVIEW: Doctor Who – The Pandorica Opens

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Before the opening credits rolled, it became clear that everything that’s happened this season has been for a reason and nothing was left out. It’s a testament to Steven Moffat’s talents that he’s taken his new creations and made them such a compelling part of the series, while at the same time acknowledging the show’s history. With all the changes that came this season (a new Doctor, new companions and a new head writer) it’s obvious the show is in good hands.

Spoilers next.

The episode opens with all of the characters The Doctor and Amy have encountered this season playing their part in getting an urgent warning to him. From Vincent van Gogh to Winston Churchill to Liz 10 to River Song, the message is finally delivered to The Doctor in ancient Rome and things do not look good. A van Gogh painting of an exploding TARDIS entitled “The Pandorica Opens” starts the ball rolling toward one of the most suspenseful Doctor Who cliffhangers of all time.

The series has had some huge moments since coming back to television in 2005, but in all the years I’ve watched this show I’ve never seen anything quite like the ending here. All of The Doctor’s enemies are on hand to finally stop him, and in their eyes, save the universe. After The Doctor’s wild speech about what he’s capable of doing to them and the cryptic tale of the Pandorica, you almost believe the villains are in the right. However, when their plan comes to fruition and all the stars in the sky go into a supernova at once, you know that only one person can save the day.

I’m going to keep this review deliberately short since it flows right into the finale, and honestly, I have no idea what to expect next. The way the seeds were planted throughout the season about the Pandorica plays out perfectly, and the mysteries surrounding Amy boggle the mind. The Doctor is in a predicament that seems inescapable, but given Moffat’s track record I expect nothing less.

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