REVIEW: Doctor Who – The Big Bang

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My review of this year’s season finale is coming very late, mostly because I was so blown away by it. The previous episode brought together so much of the season and left the universe in dire peril. It turns out, it was even worse than that, but The Doctor managed to save the day. Things will be spoiled should you decide to read on.

As The Doctor was imprisoned in the Pandorica by the combined efforts of nearly his entire rogues gallery, we saw all the stars of the universe go supernova simultaneously. Very early on, we learn that the universe has indeed been destroyed and all that’s left is its last gasp, as the fire at the end the universe starts to fade. We’re introduced to an Earth that can’t really exist and only really does because of Amy Pond and her connection to The Doctor and the TARDIS.

Rather than go into all the details of the plot, I think it’s sufficient to say that writer Steven Moffat takes the high action that led into this story and literally strips everything down to its core components to resolve it. The assemblage of villains and their plan is gone leaving us in the end with only River Song, Rory Campbell, Amy Pond, The Doctor and a Dalek. The result is an amazing story that shows you the essence of the principle characters more than anything…but there’s also that universe saving stuff too.

The way The Doctor escapes the Pandorica, his rescue of Amy and River, and his plan for bringing everything back are shining examples of what Moffat is capable of with Doctor Who. I’ve gone on record saying it before, but his episodes of the show have truly been among the best (Blink may be the best single episode of the current series). His most intriguing creation, River Song, plays a huge role in this episode but we’re still left wondering just who she is.

The season finale was clearly a maximum level distraction for me and will probably continue to be so. I’m sure I’ll be writing another nerdy post about the show as I wait patiently for more of it. After a year without a real season, owing to David Tenant’s exit with a series of specials, the show is back in great form: a new Doctor, new companions, and a new head writer, same excitement I had when I was 11.

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