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I’ve been watching Doctor Who for almost 25 years.  One of my fondest memories is the exact moment I realized I had to know everything there was to know about the show. I’m going to write a whole lot here about what’s on my mind while we’re between seasons. Again, I want to warn anyone that might not want read any of this to turn away.  I’d hate to waste your time or spoil anything for you.  As a disclaimer, I just want to point out that I do not have any advanced knowledge of the future.

We’ve seen how plots have been woven together in the episodes since the show’s return in 2005. Some of them even go back to the classic series. While a number of these were tied up in the recent holiday story a great many remain.

Time is obviously a complicated thing. But the appearance of Rassilon raises a lot of questions. He’s been described as the first time lord, first president of the council, all clearly in the Doctor’s past. Then there he is at the end of time. We’ve also seen his spirit appear. Was that him stuck in The Time Lock?

Who was the “weeping angel” with the timelords? The Doctor’s mother? According to the 1996 Fox movie he’s half human on his mother’s side? Is she someone we’ve already seen that we don’t know is a timelord? It is also interesting that Rassilon called the dissenters weeping angels as that’s what the statues were called in the episode Blink. What’s more interesting is that they’re coming back according to the trailer for next season.

You can’t spell Wilfred Mott without “timelord WTF”. Is he hiding in plain sight? What does that make Donna?

There’s another renegade timelord out there. Where is the Rani? Rani means queen, queens are noble and so is Donna (with a capital N).

When does the Doctor meet River Song? Why does he tell her his name? What’s the significance of that?

What is the “moment”? Other than what’s referred to in the Cialis commercials. Rassilon mentions that the Doctor is still in possession of “the moment” when the council is planning their next move to escape The Time War and The Time Lock. It seems as though this was how they were trapped or how they could escape. Is it him telling River his name? Is it something that happened in the Medusa Cascade? The place where the Doctor was born. I have to go back and watch that first season because I know he said something about being there during The Time War.

At one point I had a theory that the Doctors in the new series are his pre-Hartnell incarnations, but I’m sure that’s been shown to be false. Particularly since he remembers Sarah Jane.

What about the Doctor’s daughter? I’m assuming we’ll be seeing her again. Will the Doctor seek her out now that he’s alone again?

Is Verity Newman the Doctor’s grandaughter? I can’t help but think this could be important given her appearance in the special. Although it could have just as easily been there to close out an important part of David Tennant’s run.

Doctor Who returned on BBC One April 3rd, but makes its US debut on BBCAmerica tonight, April 17th, at 9PM. I’ll be watching and waiting to see if any of these things are even important in the new season.

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