REVIEW: Doctor Who – Victory of the Daleks

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Spoilers to follow. Despite being a Dalek episode with some interesting moments and obvious set up for future episodes, this was the weakest offering so far this season. You’d think I’d love this one since it has an Empire Strikes Back-like ending.

I just didn’t like that the Dalek’s scheme to activate the Progenitor device relied too much on them predicting exactly what The Doctor would do.  The telephones ringing also made me a little crazy, and I just couldn’t get into the “gravity bubble” fighter jets. Also, I just don’t see The Doctor leaving the android to live out his life on Earth and find his humanity. That’s a major piece of alien technology running around since the 1940’s and we’ve seen him prevent that very thing in the past. He even takes the time to dismantle all of Professor Gracewell’s other devices in this episode.

I liked the World War II setting and seeing Daleks in camouflage, serving tea and being called “Ironsides” was kind of awesome. This deception created an opportunity for The Doctor to interact side by side with the Daleks without being under the threat of death. As a result, there are times you almost doubt The Doctor. Everyone around him certainly did. You see more of The Doctor’s dark side/mania as he lashes out at the Daleks, playing right into their suction cups with his “testimony.” It’s really tragic to hear The Doctor utter “I wanted to know what they wanted, what their plan was. I was their plan.” These new Daleks could be interesting and the notion of them being “pure” Daleks has me thinking a trip to their home planet of Skaro may be in the Doctor and Amy’s future.

Again we’re presented with the theme of forgetting as Amy doesn’t remember the Dalek attack on Earth. This could be a consequence of her choice on Starship UK, or it could be part of something bigger going on with Amy. Considering we once again see the crack on the wall as the TARDIS dematerializes, it must be something big. I can’t help but think the crack has something to do with Amy saving the day again. I’m beginning to wonder if maybe that’s not a good thing. It seems like just after she does, we see the crack. We also see that The Doctor is late again…

Next week, Weeping Angels and River Song. This should be fantastic.

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