Wildwood Comic Con Coming NOW…

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The following convention report comes courtesy of a guest writer, Karszoo. It’s her first submission to MLD. Enjoy:

On Friday, July 1, I was lucky enough to attend the annual Wildwood Sports Cards, Comics, Beanies and Toy Convention at the Convention Center in Wildwood, NJ for the third straight year with KevinMLD. The free event is held early in the Summer Vacation season every year. With vendors selling everything from sports memorabilia to classic 1990’s comic books to random dvds to kids toys (new, used, and VERY used), there’s sure to be something for everyone. 

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It’s not too late for a review of 2008

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I was asked recently if I had any suggestions of good new music or albums that I’ve come across.  I was a little stunned by the question at first, but I put some time into it and wrote an e-mail back that I’ve included in case anyone else wanted to know what’s crossed my ears lately.

Hi xxxxx,

You had asked about any good album recommendations from 2008, so I put together a short listicon of things that might be worth checking out.  Bear in mind, some of these are things I discovered this year and aren’t quite so “new” to the rest of the world.  Let me know what you think.


My top three albums from 2008 are Firewater The Golden HourThe Faint Fasclinatiion, and Portishead Third.  The new Metallica album Death Magnetic is also surprisingly good.  The Fratellis and Dirty Pretty Things both have songs on the Run, Fatboy, Run soundtrack that are a lot of fun.  I’ve heard a lot of things used in TV shows, commercials, and while out shopping  that are surprisingly catchy this year including Placebothe Black Kids and Smoosh.  Angie uses something called Pandora (which is worth checking out if you haven’t already) when she’s at work and discovered MetricThe Sounds and Ringside using a station based on The Faint or The Teddybears or something along those lines.  We’re also into a band called Nouvelle Vague who do bossa nova covers of 80’s pop songs and through them have discovered a group called the Submarines, both are well worth checking out.