REVIEW: Crazy, Stupid, Love.

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First off, I’d just like to say to anyone releasing a romantic comedy in July of 2011, pointing out how cliche your scenes are does not make them somehow better. It just makes you look lazy. You know you’re being cliche and you don’t care.

Having said that, I definitely found Crazy, Stupid, Love. to be an entertaining mix of awkward comedy and drama with a few really big laughs. Sure there are plenty of moments that rely too strongly on coincidence or were completely unrealistic, but I thought it was a decent film over all.

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LydonReviews Dinner for Schmucks

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Last night after a dinner in Langhorne, PA at Jimmy Buffet’s Cheeseburger in Paradise, which warrants a post about crappy cover bands (a topic I know a thing or two about as PTB and KevinMLD will surely remember from my previous Diary of a Bass Player column from the old Break Even site), my wife and I saw Dinner for Schmucks, the American remake of the French movie The Dinner Game, itself based on the French play, Le Diner de Cons, both written by Francis Veber. Thanks for the info, Wikipedia! You make me look smart! Oh, and for those that don’t speak French, the translated titled apparently DOES mean “Dinner for Idiots”.

Who knew? (French people, probably)

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