REVIEW: Marvel’s Fear Itself #3

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Marvel’s Summer blockbuster, Fear Itself from writer Matt Fraction and artist Stuart Immonen, continued last week with issue #3. It’s an improvement for the series over issue #2, but there still seems to be something missing compared to the debut. It’s continues to be an interesting attempt to combine elements of the worlds of two of Marvel’s marquee heroes, but as we move through the Summer movie release schedule from May’s Thor to July’s Captain America the focus is shifting accordingly.

Spoilers for the issue and series will follow.

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Marvel’s Fear Itself

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Marvel held a live broadcast from Midtown Comics today at noon to announce next Summer’s Fear Itself event beginning in April. Joe Quesada was on hand to set the scene describing a world in an economic downturn, pundits telling you who to be afraid of, and people dealing in fear. It seems this is true in our world and in the Marvel Universe, making fear a great motivator with many taking advantage of it.

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REVIEW: New Avengers #1

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As Marvel‘s new Heroic Age continues to unfold, we’ve turned our attentions to the relaunched New Avengers #1 by Brian Bendis and Stuart Immonen. Issue #2 ships today and I’m not so sure it will be staying on our pull lists.

PTB: I really like the art in this book, but I’m not sure how I feel about the content. Where this team fits into the new status quo is interesting since they’re using the old mansion and free from Iron Man and Steve Rogers, but  I don’t like that there’s overlap with this line up and the Avengers title.

KevinMLD: Yeah to me this is a really redundant title. It almost seems like it should have been a miniseries that ends with Spider-man, Wolverine, Cage and whoever else learning to trust Stark again and rejoining the main team.

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