New York Comic Con 2011 X-Men: Regenesis panel

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We’ve spent a good bit of time talking about this Fall’s X-Men: Regenesis here at MLD. Lots of changes are in store for the X-line, and the final day of this year’s New York Comic Con saw nearly all of the creators from the titles involved sitting for a panel talking with fans about what to expect. I almost skipped this presentation altogether after the difficulty of getting into any panels at last year’s show, but thankfully there were plenty of seats in the audience even if they had run out of room on the stage.

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Marvel’s Fear Itself

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Marvel held a live broadcast from Midtown Comics today at noon to announce next Summer’s Fear Itself event beginning in April. Joe Quesada was on hand to set the scene describing a world in an economic downturn, pundits telling you who to be afraid of, and people dealing in fear. It seems this is true in our world and in the Marvel Universe, making fear a great motivator with many taking advantage of it.

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