REVIEW: X-Men #20 (X-Men Regenesis)

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The currently “adjectiveless” X-Men series is among the newest of the X-titles and has had what many consider a dubious publication history in it’s short lifetime. The book has focused on the team facing vampires and teaming with both Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four under the pen of writer Victor Gischler, with a brief interlude for Chris Yost’s X-Men: First to Last. Most of these stories seem a bit outside the narrative of the other monthlies and the series even launched seemingly out of nowhere, particularly when compared to the recent launches of the new Uncanny and Wolverine and the X-Men. After weathering a haphazard first year, I like the way this title has started utilizing a smaller cast and tightened its focus entering the X-Men: Regenesis era.

Spoilers for X-Men #20 will follow.

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REVIEW: X-Men: Prelude to Schism

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Marvel’s X-Men: Schism series begins tomorrow touted as the “X-Men event of the decade.” That’s a bold claim considering recent X-events like House of MMessiah Complex and Second Coming, but as the title suggests Schism does promise to divide the mutant community and shake up the X-Men’s current status quo. The publication of the X-line will also be altered by the on-page effects of Schism as a new volume of Uncanny X-Men along with a new book titled Wolverine and the X-Men will spin out of this series. In preparation for the debut of Schism, Marvel shipped a weekly, four issue Prelude to Schism miniseries by Paul Jenkins throughout June.

Spoilers for Prelude to Schism will follow along with a lot of speculation about what will drive the X-Men apart this Summer.

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