Fall 2011 Network TV – Thursday’s New Hits and Misses

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Each day this week we’ve been looking at the new shows that  joined the network TV lineup this Fall. Thursday night already plays host to a number of successful shows making for some tough competition and two of the six new shows airing that night have already been cancelled. Today we’ll spend some time talking about Charlie’s AngelsHow to Be a Gentleman, Person of Interest, Prime Suspect, The Secret Circle, and Whitney.

Read on to see what’s getting screen time here at MLD.

Charlie’s Angels

KatieD: I think a lot of shows suffer from the fact that we rely on pre-premiere buzz to decide what to watch. Many of us don’t want to devote time to a show that (from the start) is not getting the best press. I’m guilty of this too. I understand why it happens, I’ve been burned by the networks more times than I’d like to count, but what ends up happening is that a show that might have had a chance gets even less viewers. I know a lot of people had a hard time taking Minka Kelly seriously, but I thought she did pretty well kicking ass. This show is not supposed to be serious. It is supposed to be campy and fun, which I thought it was. But, it was in a super competitive timeslot and it got slaughtered. –Cancelled-

Person of Interest

KatieD: Interesting concept, but if I start to think about it for too long it doesn’t make sense. I’m actually pretty torn about this one.

PTB: I was a little surprised by how much I liked the pilot, but it wasn’t good enough to keep me around. I had gotten the impression the Jim Caviezel was a cop, but his role was kind of intriguing. There’s a lot of mystery here, but I’m not at all invested.

KatieD: It is an enjoyable hour, but I don’t think I give a crap about Jim Caviezel or Ben from Lost. They have to do a better job of making me care. Because right now, if my husband stopped wanting to watch it I probably would drop it.

KevinMLD: This show was tailor designed for me. J.J. Abrams, Jonathan Nolan, and Michael Emerson? I should have been first in line to see this but I skipped it because I just can’t imagine CBS making a good hour-long drama. And yet the hour-long drama is basically CBS’ bread and butter.

Prime Suspect

PTB: Another police show that is thankfully more Law and Order than CSI. The thing I enjoy most about Law and Order is that the characters tend not to get in the way of the case, and this one may be a bit too focused on the main character and her hat.

KevinMLD: Oddly, this is exactly what I DON’T like about Law and Order or CSI, etc. The cases aren’t ever really going to be compelling especially when they’re ripped blatantly from the headlines, so the characters need to be.

The Secret Circle

KatieD: I actually liked the pilot episode, thought the effects were cool (the drops of water in the forest were pretty impressive) and the story was interesting. But somewhere in the second episode I lost interest. I think I actually said, “Eh” and promptly deleted it from my season pass list.

KevinMLD: That’s too bad. I watched Britt Robertson’s last CW series Life Unexpected and she was definitely the best part of the show. I also liked Thomas Dekker’s Terminator series better than the last two movies. I thought maybe the CW would accidentally produce a watchable show here.


KevinMLD: Whitney has one of the most annoying casts of any show I’ve ever seen. Not quite as bad as Perfect Couples but close. Seriously, I hate them all. Yet it still makes me laugh. I probably wouldn’t watch it though were it not couched among all of those NBC Thursday comedies.

PTB: This one definitely benefits from where it’s scheduled. I don’t really dislike the cast but I certainly liked Perfect Couples’ a lot more. I want to like this show, but it’s not easy. Whitney’s boyfriend has picked it up in the last few episodes and that has helped.

Angelique: This show being on Thursdays is the only reason we’re watching it. It’s really odd to see Johnathan from 30 Rock in his usual time slot but playing a very different role.

Thursday’s show that no one made time for:

How to Be a Gentleman

PTB: I would have watched this just for the continuing adventures of Johnny Drama, but it just never made it onto the recording list.

How to Be a Gentleman and Charlie’s Angels are early exits from Thursday nights, but full season pickups are in for Whitney and The Secret Circle. NBC has ordered 9 more scripts for Prime Suspect, but hasn’t ordered additional episodes.

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