REVIEW: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

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In a freak occurrence, Pete and I got to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World last week. Go sneak previews! Not only did we think we wouldn’t have any chance of getting into the 7PM (assumed time) screening, we had reserved seating for the 7:30PM (actual time) screening. It pays to know the right people! Thank you, Steve D!

The best part for me about going to screenings, besides the cost, is the lack of previews. We hung out in the theater for a bit, the lights dimmed, and we were immediately in love with the movie. Tiny spoiler here, but we’ll try to not ruin much else. Universal logo on the screen. Pixelated. 8-bit MIDI music. Awesome. We both agree on that point, and here’s what else we have to say.

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