REVIEW: The Expendables

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The Expendables is exactly what you would imagine it to be if you were to really take a minute to think about it and let those initial nice feelings rooted in nostalgia pass. It’s a 80’s action movie revival written and directed by Sylvester Stallone and starring Stallone, Dolph Lundgren and Mickey Rourke. The movie is overloaded with ultraviolence and shaky camera shots because that’s what Stallone thinks is relevant in 2010. That’s not to say it’s not a fun movie. It is. It has a few fun action scenes and its share of laughs. It’s just not the magic action movie that the Internet hype wants you to believe it is.

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Girl fighting is “sports entertainment”

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carano_v_cyborgI’ve seen my share of contrived fighting, and I think I saw some tonight.  The much hyped (in some circles) fight between Gina Carano and Cris Cyborg was presented by Strikeforce on Showtime tonight and things were definitely suspect.  First of all, the one girl is named Cyborg.  She may as well be part of Techno Team 2000 at that point, because that’s got WWE written all over it.  The fight seemed like it was being stretched for time throughout, and despite my rooting interests was soundly going in favor of the machine-woman.

Then I found myself asking “why would the clock disappear from the screen at the five second mark?” just before the referee called the match in favor of the Cyborg at the moment the horn sounded to end the first round.  I’m really surprised there weren’t twin referees at that point.  Despite the controversy the commentators kept pointing to, the decision stood and a new 145-pound Strikeforce Women’s World Champion was crowned.

I’m sure there will be a rematch, but I honestly hope there isn’t.  Gina “Crush” Carano could be doing so many better things with her time.  I can wait until she gets into some real fake fighting.