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It seems like 3D has been everywhere the last few weeks. Some of the biggest news that came out of the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month was discussion about bringing 3D technology into our homes. Several different companies are pushing new technologies including 3D monitors for video games. Supposedly the industry is already working to avoid a format war similar to the Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD fiasco we all witnessed the last few years. We’ll see if they can pull that off.

But all of the reading I‘ve done lately about 3D being the future of television recently coupled with the way it’s also being heralded as the future savior of the motion picture industry… I admit I got kind of excited to see My Bloody Valentine 3D in a theater. Valentine is exactly what it’s advertised to be. A stupid 80’s inspired horror movie that embraces it’s 3D gimmick and runs with it. Eyeballs and blood seem to pop off the screen. A pickaxe gets thrown at the audience and a shotgun aimed at us. Basically all the horror movie stuff you’d expect. In general, it’s good fun I guess. You know if you like that kind of thing. It’s definitely not scary though and at the same time not funny enough to be a comedy either. The one thing I took from the film is that I’m not sure the 3D sex and nudity lives up to the way it’s advertised in the trailers. Seriously. Who advertises 3D sex anyway?

As fate would have it, Final Crisis: Superman Beyond in 3D (or is it 4D?) shipped the next day. And well… as much as I hate to hear people complain that Grant Morrison’s comics make no sense. This story makes very little sense and was so unnecessary. It basically serves to take Superman off the board during the main action of Final Crisis, but couldn’t he just as easily been in the future for Final Crisis: The Legion of Three Worlds? Oh wait, that’s right… he’s there TOO. How does that work? I dunno. Maybe they’ll explain it eventually or maybe they already did and just I missed it. Maybe I need to reread this two issue series, but I found the whole thing painful the first time. As for the 3D effects, they are kind of fun but it’s still just a gimmick.

So what’s the verdict about 3D in 2009? The glasses may not give people headaches as I hear they used to, but they still make the images slightly blurrier than I’d prefer. It’s a gimmick and unless James Cameron’s Avatar changes the game, I expect it’s always going to be a gimmick. Plus there’s no way the 3D gimmick is worth paying an extra $2 for in the case of MBV or an extra $.50 for Superman Beyond.

And let’s face it. Anyone who saw The Dark Knight knows the real future of the motion picture industry is Imax.


Under the influence of Angie

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Wednesday night I was reminded of the powerful effect Angie has had on my life.  After arriving at the Comics and More, I discovered that there were no remaining copies of a book I was planning to purchase Read more of this article »


It’s about time, Comcast.

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I was both surprised and delighted to see that Comcast added HD channels for both USA and SciFi to our cable line up this week.  Of course, the areas surrounding Philadelphia had these channels nearly a year ago, but Philadelphia got a new building instead.  When I called to ask about this last February I was told there were bandwidth constraints in the city and the suburban counties didn’t have the same issues.  Regardless, that building may have been instrumental in getting a Phillies World Series Championship so I’ll just focus on that.


Obama vs. Spider-Man

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Madness.  That’s really the only word I can use to describe this furor (maybe that’s too strong a word…) Marvel Comics created to kick off 2009.  Stores all over the country reported lines before their doors opened and sell-outs across the board.  I don’t remember anything like that since Superman died, which is ironic since the same day this book hit the shelves it was joined by one depicting the death of Batman (sorry Kevin).  I was happy/lucky to get the Spidey book, mostly since I regularly read Amazing Spider-Man, but the response is just further evidence that Obama is one of the most popular costumed heroes in American history.


I hate Obama.

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So I went to buy Final Crisis #6 and it was sold out because all of the speculators who were in the shop buying Spider-man vs. Obama apparently picked it up too. Spider-man vs. Obama… Please. If Obama can beat Savage Dragon he can take Spider-man. And Youngblood you’re way too late to the party.


Ps: Dear Mr. Secret Service Agent I really don’t hate Obama. I swear. He seems like a swell fella.