Post-premiere let-downs

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So I think in order of post premier let downs it goes: Battlestar Galactica>24>Lost.  All of the premiers were pretty good, but BSG was a total snoozefest the next week, 24 was good but not as good, and Lost was as good if not better

Battlestar Galactica is going into their final (10?) episodes, and this of course raises the stakes for every hour.  Especially since they’ve auctioned off all of their props and costumes so it’s too late to go back.  I don’t think my expectations were set too high for its return since I thoroughly enjoyed the premiere.  The next week, not so much.  It was a good episode, but a little too slow (Angie fell asleep and I didn’t bother to wake her).

The year off really seems to have helped 24.  The first four hours were non-stop action and the first hour after the two-night marathon premiere showed no signs of things slowing down.  So, if we can get through Day 7 without any bouts of amnesia or Kim Bauer being chased by a mountain lion and Kevin Dillon, this could be the best season yet.

Much like the other premieres, the return of Lost really delivered.  I honestly can’t believe the complexity of some of the storytelling they use on this show.  I think this is due more to the fact that I assumed a network show wouldn’t go for that level of non-linear delivery.  Regardless, I had a great time getting back into this show.

Update:  I didn’t think I was going to see the third episode of Battlestar Galactica before this published, but it completely changes the equation.  Action-packed with high spots throughout.  Week two seems like a complete aberration in light of this.


It’s not too late for a review of 2008

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I was asked recently if I had any suggestions of good new music or albums that I’ve come across.  I was a little stunned by the question at first, but I put some time into it and wrote an e-mail back that I’ve included in case anyone else wanted to know what’s crossed my ears lately.

Hi xxxxx,

You had asked about any good album recommendations from 2008, so I put together a short listicon of things that might be worth checking out.  Bear in mind, some of these are things I discovered this year and aren’t quite so “new” to the rest of the world.  Let me know what you think.


My top three albums from 2008 are Firewater The Golden HourThe Faint Fasclinatiion, and Portishead Third.  The new Metallica album Death Magnetic is also surprisingly good.  The Fratellis and Dirty Pretty Things both have songs on the Run, Fatboy, Run soundtrack that are a lot of fun.  I’ve heard a lot of things used in TV shows, commercials, and while out shopping  that are surprisingly catchy this year including Placebothe Black Kids and Smoosh.  Angie uses something called Pandora (which is worth checking out if you haven’t already) when she’s at work and discovered MetricThe Sounds and Ringside using a station based on The Faint or The Teddybears or something along those lines.  We’re also into a band called Nouvelle Vague who do bossa nova covers of 80’s pop songs and through them have discovered a group called the Submarines, both are well worth checking out.



Worst Gift Ever

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I’m sure many people would say the ugly sweater is one of the worst gifts to receive.  I disagree for many reasons.  First of all, people have ugly sweater parties.  Its not like you would want to go out and buy a sweater for said party.  If you received one at any point as a gift, you are golden.   Read more of this article »


70 Years of Marvel (and Timely and Atlas)

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This week Marvel delivers something I find even more exciting than the prospect of Spider-Man vs. Rutherford B. Hayes.  2009 is being hailed as Marvel’s “70th Anniversary” and with that comes a series of commemorative variant covers beginning with January 28th’s Captain America #46.  One of these will ship each month on a series of selected titles, and from from what I’ve seen so far they’re beautiful.  Much of my interest comes from the fond memories I have of the covers from Marvel’s 25th Anniversary celebration in 1964…excuse me 1986.



Pocky Men’s

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I had no idea that they made men’s candy.  

My entire adult life I’ve been settling for immature confections, so from now on it’s something more sophisticated.  To the Chinese Grocery! (At least until they start carrying Just for Men SweetTarts at WaWa).