A totally nerdy post about Spider-Man

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One of the things I enjoy most about reading comic books is speculating about what happens next. Sometimes what comes out of this process happens, sometimes it’s better that it doesn’t. Regardless, my favorite titles have kept me coming back for a long time.  Earlier tonight, I was thinking about Marvel‘s Amazing Spider-Man comic and what’s been going on for the last few years.

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Wait, there’s more!

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Here’s a quick weekend follow up to two of last week’s posts.

Just when you thought the puzzle was complete, Marvel filled in three more little pieces that could turn Spider-Man’s world upside down in 2010.  Is that Peter and Mary Jane’s long missing baby?  Would Marvel go back to this story after dropping it like a radioactive potato 13 years ago?  Only time will tell, but while I’m incredibly excited for things to unfold I’m reserving judgement.

Doctor Who – The End of Time has aired in its entirety in the U.S. and an international trailer for the next season is now available from the BBC for all to see.  Some exciting things are planned for the new Doctor and as far as I’m concerned they can’t get here soon enough.  Looking through the chatter regarding the trailer, Matt Smith already has some fans as well as detractors, but I’m willing to trust the show in the hands of new executive producer Steven Moffat, writer of some of my favorite episodes including The Girl in the FireplaceBlink, and Forest of the Dead.

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Happy New Year, Spider-Man

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The final piece to Marvel’s 2010 Spider-Man teaser image can be seen on their main site, but for some reason it’s not part of the article yet.  Looks like the magically undone wedding will be the focus of this year’s Spider-Man stories.

Additional images for this puzzle teaser were released each day this week at Marvel.com.  A rough assembly looks something like this:

What does 2010 have in store for Spider-Man?  The Gauntlet, a Spider team-up, the Juggernaut, romance with Carly Cooper, and an explanation of what happened on the day of Peter and Mary Jane’s wedding.  Good luck, Spidey.