Our Latest Distraction: Inception

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Over the last week many of us at MLD took the opportunity to see Christopher Nolan’s film Inception. We’ve been very eager to have a spoiler-filled discussion, but wanted to give other people time to see it first. We all have a very fundamental disagreement about what even happens in the movie, and a line has been drawn in the sand about it. If you’ve seen it, please let us know whose side you’re on. If you see it this weekend, what took you so long? But you need to take a side as well. Note, the discussion below features tons of spoilers not just about Inception, but Memento, The Prestige, and The Dark Knight as well. You’ve been warned.

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Don’t judge my proposition before you hear what I have to say

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We saw The Proposal tonight.  Luckily I hadn’t seen too many previews for it, since after, I was told that all the funny parts happen in the previews… Anyway….

If our readers can claim Shia Labeouf was the only good thing about Indiana Jones 4…. then I can safely say that Betty White and Oscar from The Office stole the show in this movie.  Ryan Reynolds presence doesn’t hurt it one bit… But Betty White seeming like she may not be faking the crazy old lady thing, and Oscar…well – that you have to see for yourself.  They were hilarious.

Overall, I was pretty happy with seeing this.  For a romantic comedy, it had a lot of comedy.  Yes, it had a lot of cliches, but the funny was funny.  There were a lot of laugh out loud moments.  Yeah – that’s right – it made me LOL.  Oh – and a lot of it being in Alaska was nice too.  Alaska is pretty  🙂