Midtown Comics’ Avengers Signing

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We spent the day in New York City on Monday and the main attraction bringing us there was the Avengers signing at Midtown Comics in Times Square. Featuring writers Christos Gage, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction and Brian Bendis, this was a welcome event after a Philadelphia Comic Con that was light on comics. It was well worth the trip even on a day that was particularly hot in the big city.

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Six Distractions in One Post

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Sunday: Sunscreen. Just how exactly does this stuff work? Apparently by absorbing high energy UV photons and releasing the energy difference as heat or visible fluorescence. All that really matters is that it kept me safe through nine innings of baseball.

Monday: Pets. Do pets get homesick? I’m not sure, but I know they get car sick.

Tuesday: Mets fans. This may actually be a comment on the lack of Baltimore Orioles fans. Despite $8 tickets, a beautiful stadium and a killer block party, more Mets fans were in attendance that local supporters.

Wednesday: New iPhone software. This was almost disappointingly simple. Glad to see Apple worked out the kinks and staggered the release of the software and the new iPhone after the disaster of the last upgrade.

Thursday: SEPTA. When it’s raining and there’s an afternoon baseball game and it’s rush hour, it would be reasonable to have enough cars on the tracks to handle it.

Friday: USPS. So is the US Post Office really that bad? I’m considering spending $12 extra dollars on an order of comic books next week to not have the USPS ship my books.

I realize this post is decidedly negative, and involves a lot of baseball.  To compensate: Go Phils!