New York Comic Con Preview Night – DC Toys on Parade

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Thursday night was preview night at the New York Comic Con and I was shocked at the amazing amount of new toys on display already. Typically at these conventions most of the announcements of new products are made during the toy companies’ panels and then they go on display. So you can imagine our surprise at how many cool products were already on the floor.

The highlight for me of the entire Preview Night was the giant two-up Larfleeze (DC’s Orange Lantern also referred to at times as Agent Orange) figure that was on display in the Mattel booth. The figure will be part of the DC Universe Classics line or whatever Mattel ends up calling that in 2012. It will be available in the Spring. Larfleeze is one of my most coveted figures. If he had been announced as part of Mattel’s DC subscription service I would have joined. This figure looks awesome. I can’t wait for it. Finally, he will be MINE!!! Also from the DCUC line, Mattel had a two-up of the Penguin on display that was decorated to look like the Penguin figure from the old Super Powers line. It was cool to see in a nostalgic kind of way. I don’t understand why people want to see duplicates from that line, but I’m happy they’re getting what they want. I have to say I’d still prefer a Penguin figure in just a white tuxedo, but that’s just me.

The only full line I collect right now is DC’s Action League mini-figures. These tiny angular toys have quickly proven to be addicting. What’s cooler than last year’s Action League Deathstroke? Next year’s Action League Larfleeze complete with Glomulus. Awesome. Also look for Flashpoint inspired Action League figures including Superman, Batman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

Batman Legacy
Mattel also had new figures from their Batman Legacy line on display including a pretty great silver age Catwoman figure in her purple dress and a Bob Kane inspired Batman complete with purple gloves. The one disappointment that I have with this line is that we’re not yet getting a version of their Golden Age Batman figure that’s been in stores for a few weeks redecorated with a yellow oval chest emblem. It seems like that figure would be a pretty decent stand-in for an Adam West-era Batman.

Oddly both Mattel and DC Direct are putting out Arkham City toys. Is there really that large of a market for toys based on this video game series? For me personally the highlight of these figures was Mattel’s Nightwing. Seeing as how the character was just announced in the last few weeks as being part of the game, he was a pleasant surprise. Now I’m hoping a New 52 Nightwing is also announced before the weekend is over.


Just to digress from talking DC for a minute, this was the first time I had the opportunity to see Mattel’s Ghostbusters and Voltron toys in person. I’m not very familiar with the Ghostbusters line, but I know there are complaints that it lacks ghosts. There were at least two versions of Slimer on display in different scales. I’m not sure if that’s news or not. As for Voltron, the Club Lion Force Voltron is massive. I think people who bought into that club are going to be really pleased. I just wish it was made out of metal like the version I had when I was a kid.

New 52 Justice League
The first new DC Direct product I saw upon arriving at their booth were figures inspired by Jim Lee’s New 52 Justice League. Just like everyone else, I wish these were based on the traditional Justice League designs. Having said that, these figures are really well done. They definitely look like Jim Lee art come to life. Since it appears we’ll never get a Dick Grayson Batman to go with our Damian Wayne Robin (How $@#%ing dumb is that?), I guess this new Jim Lee Batman will have to act as a stand in.


Arkham City
Finally, DC had tons of new Arkham City figures on display. I’m not very familiar with that game or it’s predecessor, but these toys look crazy. They were all pretty great as individual works of art, but together they look fantastic. Unique to this line in comparison to what DC Direct usually does, were a few massive figures including a giant Joker with spikes coming out of his back and a huge Killer Croc. Really cool stuff (that I won’t buy).

DC Direct also had a pretty great video game inspired Batman Black and White statue on display. I really enjoy these statues and it’s a great addition to the line. This one I might pick up.

That was a ton of exciting product to see displayed on Preview night and we didn’t even have time to walk the entire floor. I can’t wait to see what else is announced in the coming days! Hopefully, there are new Funko vinyl figures somewhere.

P.S. You can thank PTB for all of these photos.

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  • Dave said,

    Was there a Batman Black and White statue based on Jock’s Detective art? He tweeted recently that there was one in the making… If it looks as good as the book, it would be a great Dick-as-Batman piece to own.

  • KevinMLD said,

    Hey Dave- checked around yesterday. No Jock statue was on display. Sounds awesome though!

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