I Don’t Even Like Marvel vol. 3 – A Guide to the Avengers Movie Heroics Figures

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This volume of I Don’t Even Like Marvel will be far shorter than the previous volumes because basically… I don’t even really like Marvel all that much and Heroics is a terrible line of toys in which to invest so much time and energy. Especially considering we’ve put almost no energy into discussing truly great lines like Funko Pop! or Mattel’s Action League. Having said all of that, I recently stumbled over a third set of Heroics figures at a local Toys ‘R Us.

This time the line was based on Disney’s Avengers major motion picture. I was tempted to buy the entire set just for the purposes of writing this article and because the figures looked pretty great in the artwork on the box. Luckily I came to my senses and realized that there was no real glory in continuing this mad pursuit of becoming the world’s foremost authority on the intentionally lowest quality line of comic book toys ever created. (I would have given that honor to DC’s Blammoids, but that line definitely wasn’t intended to be so low quality). Another reason I bailed on picking up more Avengers Heroics was that these were 20 percent more expensive than the previous lines. In the end, I decided to just pick up Hulk and Captain America which you may remember were the two characters I was so desperate to find back in Volume 1.

You’ll notice in the first picture that these figures come in balls similar to the ones utilized for both the DC and Marvel lines. This wave includes an Avengers logo on the wrapper. As with the previous lines you can cheat to catch a glimpse of who is in the ball without breaking the seal. The Avengers set includes some ambitiously posed figures including Hawkeye with bow and a karate kicking Black Widow.

Captain America over all isn’t a bad Heroics figure. He has a slightly awkward pose, but I wouldn’t say it’s bad. At this scale the Avengers movie Captain America costume doesn’t look nearly as terrible as it does on Hasbro’s toys or on the big screen. The shield looks great and that’s important to me. I would definitely recommend this figure to fans of the character and this ridiculous line, but I would hope we eventually get a more neutrally posed Cap in a future line.

I was excited to check out the Hulk figure because he seemed to have pretty great pose on the side of the box. Sure enough he does have a decent pose and is pretty large for a Heroics figure… but seriously, WHERE IS HIS FACE?????? He’s not the Hulk, he’s The Question. This thing is TERRIBLE. I know I’m complaining about a $1.20 toy, but come on… HE HAS NO FACE! I at least expected a face as good as the terrible Batman faces. But no. The paint job on both of these figures is worse than the Heroics figures I had previously picked up as well, but that I can understand for a $1.20. I think these will be the last Heroics figures I’ll pick up unless DC Wave 2 includes like Nightwing and Swamp Thing.

This genuine whine fest is dedicated to Chris S., whoever you are.

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