REVIEW: Action Comics #897

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It’s like Paul Cornell reached down into my brain, poked around a bit, and decided to write a Lex Luthor comic designed just for me. I don’t know if it’s possible for Cornell’s eventual conclusion to his Luthor epic to live up to my giant expectations at this point.

Highly recommended.

Editor’s note: Action Comics #897 is available in stores now should you want a glimpse into KevinMLD’s ideal vision of a Lex Luthor story by Paul Cornell and Pete Woods. Cover art by David Finch.


The State of the Batmen (and Women) – Winter 2010/2011

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This article has been planned since shortly after MLD ran the State of the X-Men piece back in November. The delay in the post has been directly tied to the delay in DC Comics publishing their second new high profile Batman title, David Finch’s Batman: The Dark Knight, which was originally due to ship November 24. Well Batman: The Dark Knight #1 is supposedly shipping this week (though I’ll believe it when I see it), so this seems like as good a time as any to assess the state of the Batmen Family.

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REVIEW: Action Comics #894

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Before we get into our discussion about Action Comics #894, I figure some background information is probably necessary. Pretty much two years worth of spoilers lie ahead… You’ve been warned.

The Superman books have had a weird few years.  What with him not appearing in any of his ongoing titles during the New Krypton storyline, and now with superstar writer J. Michael Straczynski taking over Superman and deciding that the perfect follow up to that storyline is to have Superman walk across America as if he were Forest Gump or something. Of course if you’re going to have Superman just walk for however long that garbage is going to go on, you certainly don’t need multiple books chronicling it. As a result, Superman remains absent from his original flagship title Action Comics, and that book now stars Lex Luthor.

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