REVIEW: Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #8 – War of the Green Lanterns Part Three

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We wrap up MLD’s Green Lantern Thursday with the title with the longest name and the issue with the most words, Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #8. This series focuses on another Green Lantern replacement for Hal Jordan, namely Guy Gardner. Gardner is probably the character I least care for among the Green Lanterns from Earth, but this issue actually makes some strides toward changing that. Again the issue begins by focusing on what’s been happening previously in this title, but it concludes with by converging with what’s happening in Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps.

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The State of the Green Lanterns – Winter 2011

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Let me start off by saying that I’ve always thought Green Lantern was a terrible character. When I was a kid I totally would have taken Aquaman and his ability to talk to his fish friends over Green Lantern’s stupid magic ring and glowing fists. It’s terrible, and Hal Jordan’s lack of a personality never helped things. So if you were to tell me there would come a day that I’d be reading three monthly Green Lantern titles and really enjoying them, I’d have thought you were crazy. It’s a HUGE tribute to Geoff Johns’ writing ability that Green Lantern was ever even an exciting title; let alone soaring at the heights it hit during the Sinestro Corps War and the lead up to Blackest Night. Blackest Night didn’t really work for me overall. The Black Lanterns were mostly annoying rather than horrifying. The tie-ins all told the exact same story, but the series still had some really nice moments such as Lex Luthor becoming an Orange Lantern, the Scarecrow joining the Sinestro Corps, and Sinestro himself being the first to wield the white ring. Which leads us to today and the question we are now faced with: What is the current state of the Green Lanterns?

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The State of the Batmen (and Women) – Winter 2010/2011

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This article has been planned since shortly after MLD ran the State of the X-Men piece back in November. The delay in the post has been directly tied to the delay in DC Comics publishing their second new high profile Batman title, David Finch’s Batman: The Dark Knight, which was originally due to ship November 24. Well Batman: The Dark Knight #1 is supposedly shipping this week (though I’ll believe it when I see it), so this seems like as good a time as any to assess the state of the Batmen Family.

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