My Latest Pull List – January 6th, 2016

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Uncanny X-Men #1 2016 Lashley variantSpotlight on Uncanny X-Men #1: As disappointed as I am with All-New All-Different Marvel generally, and the newest crop of X-titles specifically, there’s no way I’d pass up the debut of another volume of Uncanny X-Men.

The hook for this latest relaunch is that the team is populated primarily by villains and antagonists like Sabretooth, Mystique, and their leader Magneto. While I’m unclear on what’s motivating these characters to stand together as heroes, there’s potential given writer Cullen Bunn’s success with his recent Magneto solo series. Bunn has a reputation for doing good things with the bad guys and he has a lot of badness to work with here.

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Standard Deviations vol. 7
House of M

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As Marvel’s Avengers versus X-Men event looms on the horizon and Avengers: The Children’s Crusade wrapped up this week, this edition of Standard Deviations takes a look back at the set of variant cover images from 2005’s House of M. The Scarlet Witch’s “no more mutants” spell has been a defining moment for the Marvel Universe and set both of these recent series in motion. While the significance of House of M‘s story is clear, the series was also one of the first high profile examples of the return of variant coves since their hey day in the 1990s speculator market.

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REVIEW: Uncanny X-Men #544 – The Final Issue

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Let me start by saying I’m not a fan of the cancellation and renumbering of long standing series, but I understand it from a business standpoint. I’ve had the luxury of seeing the title I’m most invested in maintain a continuous run since I began collecting, but that ended two weeks ago. Marvel Comics published the final issue of Uncanny X-Men to make way for a new post-Schism relaunch to go along with Wolverine and the X-Men as part of this Fall’s X-Men: Regenesis. Putting the renumbering and relaunch aside, the series’ conclusion was remarkably sentimental and left me with a genuine sense of loss.

Spoilers for Uncanny X-Men #544 will follow.

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Marvel cancels Uncanny X-Men

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I had already planned to write about the X-Men today with the movie premiering last weekend and lots of other X related stuff always on my mind, but Marvel’s announcement that they’re canceling Uncanny X-Men at issue #544 in October took things in an “all new, all different” direction.

I haven’t said much about it here, but a big summer X-Men event called Schism is starting next month under Marvel’s MMXI – Year of the Mutants banner. The premise is that Cyclops and Wolverine will finally reach an irreconcilable point of disagreement and the X-Men will be divided as never before. The creative team of writer Jason Aaron and artists Carlos Pacheco, Frank Cho, Daniel Anuña, Alan Davis and Adam Kubert sounds phenomenal, but as a mini series announced in the midst of three other major events affecting the X-Men line (Fear Itself, X-Men: First to Last and Age of X) I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I certainly didn’t expect it to lead to the “cancellation” of the flagship Uncanny X-Men.

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REVIEW: X-Men Second Coming 14

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The end is here. The final issue of X-Men: Second Coming is out now and it makes for a very satisfying conclusion to what has been an epic crossover event. After the climactic battle in Chapter 13, the finale is a much more personal issue that surveys the damages inflicted on the X-Men and looks forward to what’s coming next.

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